"They showed the candy and shoved it back in": Russia refused to participate in international fencing tournaments

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Russian fencers are in CSKA

Russian athletes, allowed to participate in tournaments of the International Fencing Federation (IFE), will not take part in them. This way the representatives of the aggressor country reacted to the suspension of three Olympic champions - Sofia Velikaya, Sofia Pozdnyakova and Yana Egorian.

This decision was announced by Ilgar Mamedov, president of Russian Fencing Federation. In his comment for propaganda TV channel "Match TV" he also did not rule out that his organization will not take part in the 2024 Olympic Games in the French capital Paris.



"We had no illusions about the fact that at the moment normal participation of Russian athletes in international competitions is impossible. It is too early to say that we will miss the Olympics. But we have to understand that we have already missed out on six rounds of the Olympic qualification. At the moment it looks like we were shown a candy bar, but in the end they shoved it back in our pockets and never gave it to us. But, again, we expected this situation," Mamedov said.


It should be noted that Velikaya, Pozdnyakova and Egoryan play for the main army club of Russia CSKA, which is under the control of the Ministry of Defense, which ensures the invading war of Russia against Ukraine. Earlier, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended the federations to suspend from competitions Russian athletes related to the Russian army and security services, as well as from team sports.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the president of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Stanislav Pozdnyakov hinted that Russia will boycott the Games in Paris.

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