Replaced the traitor of Ukraine. The Chinese man staged a "disaster" for the Russian and became world chess champion for the first time in history

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Nepomnyashchy Ding
Ding became the 17th world chess champion

Ding Liren became the World Chess Champion 2023. For the first time in history, the title was won by a Chinese representative. The 30-year-old defeated the 32-year-old Russian, Jan Nepomnyashchy, in the match for the world chess crown, which was held April 7-30 in Astana.

After 14 games, the score was tied at 7-7, with three games won by each player and another eight games ended in a draw. The title was decided in the tie-break, which Ding Liren won with a score of 2.5:1.5, becoming the 17th World Champion.



In the last game of the tie-break the Chinese gave up a draw, took a risk and overpowered the Russian representative.


Initially Nepomnyashchy (the winner of the 2022 Candidates Tournament) was supposed to fight with the strongest chess player of the decade and current champion Magnus Carlsen, but the 32-year-old Norwegian declined to defend the title. After defeating Nepomniaschy in 2021 7.5 : 3.5, the Scandinavian did not want to play against the Russian again.


Sergey Karjakin was supposed to be one of the participants in the 2022 Candidates Tournament, but last March the Crimean, who betrayed Ukraine, was suspended for six months by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Ethics Commission for supporting "SMO". Instead of Karjakin, Lizhen was announced.


In the comments, Russian fans called the result a disaster.

"The stupidest sinking of the chess crown in the history of chess", "Jan buried himself with white", "With all due respect to Ding, Jan himself lost this match. Even in the last four games he had to close. But the Chinese got out", - wrote the users.


The prize pool for the match was 2 million euros, of which the winner received 55% and the loser 45%


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