"Not a good example of aggression against Ukraine": Kasparov blasts Russian propaganda, explains difference between Russian and US athletes

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Kasparov points to Russian aggression

Russia's military aggression against Ukraine and the start of US military operations in Iraq in 2003, which the Kremlin's propaganda is trying to equate, have nothing to do with each other. America had no territorial claims against Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, and that is why US representatives had the right to participate in international sports competitions.

This opinion was expressed by the 13th world chess champion Garry Kasparov in an interview with Yuri Dud's YouTube channel. He named three conditions under which Russian athletes can compete in international competitions under a neutral flag or as part of another team.


"Three points of condemnation: the war is criminal, the regime is illegitimate, and Crimea is Ukrainian. I believe that in times of war, a person should not be in no man's land. If you want to compete in international competitions, you have to fix your position. Suspension of Americans during the war in Iraq? The war in Iraq is not a good example of aggression against Ukraine. Precisely because America had no territorial claims to Iraq. It was a war against a dictator. Moreover, the war in Iraq was the beginning of Saddam Hussein's military aggression against Kuwait," Kasparov said.


Earlier, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) scathingly ridiculed the traitor of Ukraine Sergei Karyakin, who is actively pursuing a political career.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Russian Chess Federation (RCF) became the first sports organisation of the aggressor country to move to Asia.

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