No shots: Oxford has developed an innovative way of vaccination

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Oxford has developed a method of vaccination using ultrasound

The Oxford Laboratory for Biomedical Ultrasound, Biotherapy and Biopharmaceuticals (BUBBL) has developed an innovative method of ultrasound-assisted vaccination that allows vaccination without syringes and needles. It will simplify the procedure for people who are afraid of injections, reduce the risk of side effects and generally reduce the cost of vaccination.

This was reported by the BBC. It is noted that the new method is currently undergoing the final stage of animal testing, and trials with humans may begin next year.

Thus, thanks to the new method, painful vaccine injections may become a thing of the past in the next few years.

Ultrasonic vaccination works in such a way that the vaccine is delivered directly into the human body through the skin by means of ultrasonic waves.

First, a thin layer of the drug is applied on top of the skin. After that, a special device uses high-frequency sound waves to push microscopic vaccine bubbles through the pores of the skin into the body, while cleansing the skin of the top layer of dead cells.

The vaccine bubbles that get under the skin "explode" under the influence of the same ultrasound, which allows the drug molecules to break through the cell membrane and enter the cells directly.

It is known that one of the most common side effects of coronavirus vaccination is severe pain at the injection site, which sometimes lasts for several days. The newly developed method avoids this.

Above all, this method saves the vaccine itself. After all, during ultrasonic vaccination, hundreds of times less drug enters the body than during a conventional injection. This significantly reduces the risk of side effects and at the same time reduces the cost of vaccination.

Scientists say that preliminary results of the tests have shown that the effectiveness of such vaccination may be even higher, since the immune response of the body vaccinated in this way is often more pronounced. Simply put, protection against infection lasts longer.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Ministry of Health reported a low vaccination rate among infants. According to the ministry, the vaccination rates for children under one year of age have not reached the recommended level.

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