You probably did not know about these resorts: Europe's great beach towns with almost no crowds

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Unknown resorts in Europe

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle and need some peace and quiet? To know where to relax without prying eyes and in harmony with yourself, continue reading.

Korčula, Croatia

The sixth largest island in the Adriatic Sea. The climate is predominantly mild with a Mediterranean character. In July, the temperature ranges from 27°C.

Pupnatska Luka Beach

One of the most beautiful coasts of the archipelago, located at a distance of 15 kilometers from the city. The water is clean and clear, with fabulous turquoise shades. The landscapes around are spectacular and no worse than the popular resorts. A great place for solitude and recovery. Here you can rent sun loungers and dine at the nearby Konoba Mijo restaurant.


Located in the bay of the same name and characterized by healing mud. The sandy shore is surrounded by pine forests. The area is comfortable for families with children. By the way, you can taste seafood dishes in the local restaurants.

Windsurfing, diving, and horseback riding are popular activities on the island. You can also go yachting here. We also recommend visiting the sights: St. Mark's Cathedral, the Marco Polo House-Museum, and an art gallery with paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and Jacopo Tintoretto. By the way, the city streets are arranged in a herringbone shape. This ensures free air circulation and protects against strong winds.

You probably did not know about these resorts: Europe's great beach towns with almost no crowds

Amorgos, Greece

There is no airport on the archipelago, so the only way to get here is by ferry. The average temperature in summer ranges from 25 to 40°C. There are a large number of taverns and a comfortable transportation system.

Aegialis Beach

Incredibly beautiful coastline with soft golden sand. It is often chosen by couples in love for their wedding ceremony. Despite its popularity, the beach is rarely crowded. The infrastructure is well developed here, so it is perfect for families with small children and young people. The real decoration of the island is considered to be tall pine trees and tamarisk trees that provide shade for tourists. Be sure to stay on the beach until the evening to see the sunset. During this period, the sky is illuminated with warm orange and red hues.

Not far from the location is a local market where you can buy everything you need: from food and clothing to personal care products.

Agia Anna Beach

The rocky beach is located near the capital of the island. The area's hallmark is its incredible nature: crystal clear water and majestic mountains. The sea here is calm and waves are rare. Keep in mind that there may be large stones at the bottom. The season begins in May and lasts until August.

The resort is most often chosen by young people who prefer an active lifestyle. By the way, Luc Besson's movie The Big Blue was filmed here. We suggest visiting the Monastery of Hozoviotissa, which symbolizes Amorgos. Here you can see rare relics and an icon of the Virgin Mary.

You probably did not know about these resorts: Europe's great beach towns with almost no crowds

San Sebastian, Spain

The city is famous for its warm sun on sandy beaches, lively atmosphere, and aromatic wine. The coastline is winding with a hilly landscape and stretches for several kilometers. The average temperature ranges from 25°C.

La Concha

A coast with a picturesque landscape on the outskirts. It is dominated by calm waves and is safe for swimming. Along the bay is the Paseo de la Concha promenade for hiking. To find shops, restaurants and cafes, head to Alameda Boulevard.

A lively place for young people can be found in Ondarreta. Here you can sunbathe, play volleyball, and go surfing. By the way, windsurfing enthusiasts choose Zurriola. There are many sports shops, large department stores, and art galleries here. By the way, competitions and championships in this sport are often held on the beach.

In the Old Town, we recommend visiting authentic restaurants that serve appetizing and light snacks, pintxos. Also, be sure to visit the Miramar Palace. It was designed at the end of the XIX century as a vacation home for the Spanish royal family.

The building is surrounded by an incredible park overlooking the sea. For a picturesque panorama of San Sebastian, go to Monte Igueldo. There is a 184-meter funicular to the top. Here you can have fun in the amusement park and visit the observatory with an observation tower.

You probably did not know about these resorts: Europe's great beach towns with almost no crowds

Ischia, Italy

The island is located in an hour's ferry ride from Naples. The locals consider thermal springs and healing mud to be their main pride. Here you can relieve stress and fatigue. The climate is dominated by the subtropical Mediterranean. The most favorable time to relax is from April to the end of October.

Even during the peak season, San Alessandro is half empty. The coast stretches for 800 meters in length with flat sand. If you like a lot of waves, head to Cava Grado. The beaches here are sandy with minor rocks. For those who like thermal treatments, Sorgeto is perfect. You won't believe it, but swimming in the spring is free as it goes directly into the sea.

Tennis courts, basketball courts, more than a hundred dive centers and equestrian tourism schools have been built here. Be sure to take a tour around the island on the Calypso ship.

You probably did not know about these resorts: Europe's great beach towns with almost no crowds

Listen to yourself and your body. It's time to take a break from your daily routine. Book your tickets and pack your bags!

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