Why triangular glass bottles were made in the USSR: they were intended for only one product

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Triangular bottles can be distinguished by touch even in complete darkness. Source: Pikabu

Usually, when we hear the word "bottle," we imagine a cylindrical object, or at least a square object. But in the USSR, there were very unusual triangular bottles.

They were intended mainly for one type of liquid. OBOZ.UA tells more about this Soviet invention and its meaning.

According to Soviet standards, a triangular bottle was considered a pharmacy container, not a food one. Moreover, it was used for bottling only one type of liquid - vinegar essence. Triangular bottles became most widespread in the 1950s and 1970s. And back then, they were used to bottle only this substance.

The thing is that vinegar essence contains up to 70% acetic acid. While in table vinegar, it is only 3% to 15%. Such a concentration is safe for food and household use. But the essence can already cause severe damage and poisoning, which can cause long-term damage to health.

So, since the printing of labels in the USSR was not very good - they either looked very similar to each other or were not glued at all (like on milk bottles), the problem with the danger of vinegar essence was solved in this way. It was poured into unusually shaped dishes. Such a bottle could be distinguished by touch even in complete darkness.

In addition to its unusual shape, the vinegar essence bottle had special ribbed markings on the corners. These were measuring marks that helped to dose the product more accurately during dilution. To make ordinary food vinegar, the essence was simply mixed with water. A small line on the bottle meant a volume of 0.1 liter, and a long line meant 0.5 liter. However, over time, the essence was no longer sold in Soviet stores and switched to safer table vinegar.

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