Where to spend a weekend in Poland: top 5 most beautiful cities

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Where to spend a weekend in Poland in spring

Going to Poland for the weekend is always a good idea. Here, even without knowing the language, you can feel at ease and walk around, because it's not so difficult to get along with your neighbors. And there is really something to see here. The most beautiful destinations for a spring trip are in OBOZREVATEL's selection.


The ancient city and former capital of the Kingdom of Poland impresses with the amount of greenery and preserved historical monuments. Krakow can now be safely called a favorite of foreign tourists, because at any time it is crowded with people. People come here to see the ancient town hall, walk through the corridors of a real palace, and, of course, visit the latest museums.

But this is not the whole list. For several years now, the city has been hosting digital festivals that bring together representatives of leading IT companies and VR developers. In addition, there are concerts and performances that are famous far beyond Poland.

Where to spend a weekend in Poland: top 5 most beautiful cities


People come here to admire the country's historical heritage. It is in Poznan that the oldest religious building in Poland is located - the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. It was built back in the tenth century, and since then the shrine has hardly changed, which makes it so valuable.

The main sights can be seen on the Market Square, which serves as the center of the city. A walk around Tum Island and the Royal Palace will be no less interesting. Do not overlook the numerous churches, many of which have a long and interesting history.

Where to spend a weekend in Poland: top 5 most beautiful cities


The city is rightfully considered the spiritual center of the country. Pilgrims constantly come here to see the unique icon of the Virgin Mary, which is considered to be miraculous. Every year, about 5 million tourists visit Czestochowa, and not all of them come here for the sake of the shrine.

There is a beautiful town hall, which now houses a museum. The Holy Family Basilica, the Merchant's House, and the Yasnohirsk Monastery are also noteworthy. There is a Ukrainian trace in the city. Soldiers of the Ukrainian People's Republic army are buried in the cemetery there and a memorial plaque is installed.

Where to spend a weekend in Poland: top 5 most beautiful cities


This unusual city has one unique feature. It consists of 12 islands on the Odra River, which are connected by 112 bridges. The oldest district, Tumski, has many historical monuments and medieval buildings. This makes it very popular among tourists.

Of course, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit one of the dozens of embankments. They are all very well decorated, so you can choose the one closest to you and just admire the charming views. There are also many legends and mystical tales associated with Wroclaw.

Where to spend a weekend in Poland: top 5 most beautiful cities


The beautiful city impresses with its beauty and elegance. It is one of the largest settlements in the country, home to many educational, cultural and scientific institutions. The local Philharmonic has long been considered one of the best in Poland. The same can be said about the New Opera, where world-famous artists perform.

The Archer sculpture has become a kind of business card for the city. It used to stand on Teatralna Square. But then it was moved to Jan Kokhanovskyi Park. No less interesting is the composition "The One Crossing the River," which is always photographed by tourists.

Where to spend a weekend in Poland: top 5 most beautiful cities

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