What will the transit of Mercury in Leo bring: detailed horoscope

Mercury in Leo will open up many opportunities for us to express ourselves. Source: Created with the help of AI

In astrological terms, Mercury is the planet of communication, which affects all our communications – oral, written, and any other. The way we express ourselves and how we understand others, how we make deals and negotiate is also strongly influenced by Mercury.

On July 2, the planet moved into Leo, where it will also be in the shadow of a retrograde period starting on July 16. Astrologers warn that this period may be difficult. This combination will release a lot of energy. The combination of the planet responsible for intelligence, communication, and negotiation with the ruling, royal, and strong sign of Leo will produce impressive results.

What does Mercury's transit to Leo bring

This transit will make our communication more decisive, self-confident, and dramatic. People will tend to express their opinions and thoughts with more confidence and enthusiasm. In addition, we will all become more honest and direct. And this can be difficult because directness sometimes hurts. This is a nuance worth keeping in mind.

Mercury in Leo promotes creative thinking and expression. This is a great time to launch creative projects and all forms of artistic expression. Do not hold back your imagination and the results will delight you.

However, there is a dark side to this astrological connection – people can be prone to drama and theatrical gestures. However, this can also be used for good. This time can be favorable for public speaking, presentations, and any form of self-promotion. But keep in mind that there is a serious risk of exaggeration and overdramatization.

Mercury in Leo can increase our ambition and competitiveness. It's a good time to take on challenges, set ambitious goals, and move towards your dreams.

How to use the energy of Mercury in Leo

Use this time to express your thoughts and feelings openly and passionately. Be confident in communication and don't be afraid to stand out. Get involved in artistic and creative projects. Write, draw, sing – do whatever allows you to express your creativity.

Schedule public speaking engagements, negotiations, and any self-presentation for this period. Use your increased confidence and charisma to make an impression. Take advantage of your powerful ambitions and desire to compete to take on new challenges and achieve unexpectedly impressive goals.

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