What to give a girl for her birthday: original gifts from the heart

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We love our birthday especially when we are young, and we expect special gifts and the most sincere congratulations on this day. That's why it can be difficult to choose something for a young person.

OBOZ.UA decided to help with the choice of gifts for a young girl. These ideas will tell you how to choose something truly from the heart.


A wardrobe is a rather intimate thing. But accessories that add flavor to it are always a good idea for a gift. Moreover, you can choose options for any budget. From bright jewelry to a luxurious bag. In winter, gloves and scarves will be appropriate, in summer – hats and glasses. Pay a little more attention to the birthday girl's style, and you won't go wrong with your choice.


Modern youth is the generation that was born with gadgets in their hands. That's why it's better to give gifts accordingly. So a reading lover will like an e-book rather than a paper book. You can download thousands of different works into it, it doesn't take up much space in your luggage when traveling, and many models have a backlight to make it easy to read in the dark.

Beauty gadgets

Speaking of gadgets. The choice of devices that take care of women's beauty is huge. It can be a hair styler, a facial massager, and manicure and pedicure devices. If you can't go wrong with cosmetics, you can't go wrong with a beauty gadget.


Young people love different experiences and are constantly looking for them. Therefore, giving them something that will remain a lifelong memory is a great idea. Focus on the girl's interests. If she loves music, she will appreciate tickets to a concert of her favorite band or an interesting festival. An athlete will love unusual workouts in beautiful places. For an art lover, a subscription to an art gallery or theater. You can also present an interesting walk, a day of extreme sports, or even just some original vacation.

Embroidered shirt

Embroidered shirts are experiencing a real boom right now. They are very fashionable and, unlike T-shirts, you can never have too many of them. An embroidered shirt made especially for the birthday girl can become a real family heirloom. But you can also find a good model for quite modest money.

A photoshoot

Young girls usually love to be photographed. Therefore, it will always be appropriate to give them a day as a real model. Find a photographer whose style you like and buy a certificate for a photoshoot. It usually includes the services of a makeup artist and hairdresser, and sometimes even a stylist. The girl will have a special look created and will receive several wonderful portraits as a souvenir. If desired, the photo session can even be a group one – family, friends, and a loved one can take part in it. Such a gift will never be forgotten.

Power bank

A powerful battery that will save you during power outages or become a faithful traveling companion is also a great gift. Especially since modern models are produced not only in strict cases but also bright and stylish.

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