What to fertilize beet with in July to double the harvest

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Beets will grow juicy and sweet if properly fertilized in July. Source: Created with the help of AI

Beetroot is a basic root vegetable that can be stored for the winter and used to prepare many delicious dishes. However, in order for it to have a good sweet flavor and keep well, the vegetable needs enough nutrients during the growth period.

In July, beets ripen intensively, so you can't do without fertilizing. OBOZ.UA found out what exactly is the best way to enrich the soil.

In the middle of summer, beets need phosphorus the most. It helps to form soft, juicy fruits and participates in the absorption of all other elements. Therefore, at this time, the vegetable should be fertilized with superphosphate. For one square meter of garden bed, you will need 50 grams of the substance, which will need to be poured directly under the plants.

If the summer is rainy, then the beets need a little nitrogen. To meet the need for this element, dilute one teaspoon of urea in five liters of water and use this solution to water the crop.

Nitrophoska will help to comprehensively meet the needs of the plant. For 10 liters of water, you will need 30-40 grams of this substance. The solution is applied between the rows of beets, 2-3 liters per meter. From above, such fertilization should be additionally spilled with clean water.

It is also a good idea to prepare a complex fertilizer based on potassium permanganate. Add 1 gram of crystals of the substance to 10 liters of water, as well as a tablespoon of superphosphate and potassium magnesium, a teaspoon of urea, and 0.5 teaspoon of boric acid. Pour this solution over the vegetable.

Ash from improvised means will work well on beets because it contains manganese, boron, potassium and other nutrients necessary for the plant. Half a glass of dry ash is applied per linear meter of the beet plot and dug into the topsoil. After that, the bed needs to be watered. You can also mix a glass of ash in a bucket of clean water and apply this mixture with regular watering.

Instead, it is better to refuse organic fertilizers for feeding beets in July. Humus or compost will give the vegetable an iodine flavor, the fruits will form unevenly, and white streaks will appear in the flesh.

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