Venus transit will bring dramatic changes to three signs: who is on the list

Venus moving into Leo opens a tumultuous period in romantic life. Source: Created with the help of AI

Starting July 11, the planet of love Venus moves into the fire sign of Leo, ushering in a summer of bold transformations. In our romantic relationships, we will experience an influx of passion and drama, which encourages us to express our love more vividly and confidently.

Astrologers call such periods a time of broad gestures, bold experiments, bright attractiveness, and strong self-confidence. Allow your inner lion to show its strength – turn your face to your true self. This period will be especially intense for people born under the three zodiac signs. Read this horoscope to find out who is in for changes and what kind of changes.


You are the zodiac sign that was born for action, and now the stars are on your side. Venus will help you attract the attention of more potential partners than you might realize. You may even find yourself in the center of a love triangle worthy of a Hollywood movie. Your natural charisma and adventurous spirit will be on full display, and admirers will fly to you like moths to a flame.

Embrace your love of excitement. Make what is happening around you light, playful, and mysterious so that people want to participate. Your bright energy and confidence will make you an extremely charismatic person and you will enjoy the thrill of new romantic encounters.

However, be careful, there is a risk that someone who is in love with you will be obsessed with you. If someone seems suspicious or annoying, don't hesitate to block them. Protect your space and make sure your summer remains carefree and exciting. Remember that this season is about having fun and making new connections. Keep an open mind, stay true to your adventurous nature, and let the summer heat fuel your passion.


It's time to boldly embrace your power. As Venus transits your first house, you radiate beauty and seduction. You'll feel like the protagonist of your life and things will start to go suspiciously well. Enjoy the attention and let your inner star shine brightly.

If you're tired of meaningless dates and are looking for a long-term commitment, the universe is sending you a clear invitation to get into a serious relationship. This period is perfect for deepening your connections and finding someone who truly complements your fiery spirit.

However, as Pluto in your seventh house is in opposition to Venus, be prepared for some intense dynamics. This could be another karmic lesson in your life. You may find yourself in a relationship that will force you to grow and develop in unexpected ways. Think of it as an opportunity for personal transformation. Remember to stay true to yourself and your values. Keep your heart open and accept the love, attention, and growth that this period brings.


If you've recently entered a new relationship, gotten engaged, or married, you're in for a surge of happiness as Venus passes through your eighth house. This transit brings many benefits and deepens your connection with your partner. Now is the time to let your partner pamper you. Think about a dream vacation together. Mutual support and care will strengthen your special bond tremendously.

However, remember that balance is necessary in all aspects of life. Karma has a way of balancing the scales. With Pluto in your second house in opposition to Venus, it's important to keep your communication honest and appreciative. If you misrepresent your financial situation, take advantage of someone for money, or show no gratitude, the consequences can be swift and significant.

Enjoy the luxury and support your partner provides, but make sure your actions and intentions are pure. By maintaining balance and honesty, you can fully enjoy the blessings that Venus brings while avoiding any karmic consequences. This period is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and lay the foundation for mutual respect and trust.

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