Traveling with a child without stress: useful tips and tricks

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Life hacks for new parents

After the birth of your first child, life turns upside down. Parents have to acquire new habits, be even more productive, and make the most of every moment with their children. Sometimes, however, although they miss traveling, they are afraid to fly somewhere with a baby. What if something goes wrong? Will they be capricious, get sick, disturb someone?

To make your first trip a success, write down these tips. They will definitely minimize stress and make your vacation unforgettable.

Comfort for everyone

No one can foresee all scenarios. But basic things come first. Of course, these are documents prepared in advance and tickets purchased. They are mandatory even for the smallest passengers. However, a separate seat is not allocated to a child under two years old. They travel in the arms of their parents and fall into the INF (infant) category. If you are traveling with two children of the same age, you will have to buy one additional seat.

Choose days when there are fewer passengers on the plane. These are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Also consider your son or daughter's schedule. If you can buy tickets for the time when the kids are sleeping, it will be great. They can fall asleep sweetly and watch colorful dreams throughout the flight. It will be easier for them and for you. Also, avoid flights with stopovers. It's exhausting even for adults, let alone kids.

Traveling with a child without stress: useful tips and tricks

Advance booking

You can do this when buying a ticket or checking in online the day before departure. In most cases, airlines will seat parents next to their children anyway. However, there may be disputes with other passengers, so be safe.

As for the location, it's better to choose a seat in the front as there is less shaking. In addition, there is more space where you can stretch your legs and place the cradle. It is attached to the wall in front of the first row seat.

Traveling with a child without stress: useful tips and tricks

What to take on a plane with a baby

If sleeping is not an option, you need to think about how to entertain your baby. When they get bored, the whole cabin will have fun. So pack some toys in your backpack, and take care of snacks and hygiene. Here's a basic list of essentials:

  1. Diapers, dry and wet wipes so that you can wipe and change the baby's diaper.
  2. A hygiene pack. In case the child throws up. You can also pack garbage or dirty clothes in it.
  3. A change of clothes. The temperature on board can be both hot and cool. And there are different situations. Stains can't always be wiped off, so it's best to have clean clothes with you.
  4. You can take baby formulas, cookies, juices, compotes, and water with you. There are no restrictions on baby food. You can also order food for your child from the airline. Usually it is baby puree, yogurt or milk.
  5. Lollipops. During takeoff and landing, the baby may experience tinnitus. Candy will help reduce discomfort.
  6. You can take rattles, and toys. For older children, choose coloring books or books. If your child already watches cartoons, download them to your phone or tablet.
  7. Medications. Before departure, it is better to consult a pediatrician about medications that can be given in case of illness. Be sure to take antipyretics, antihistamines, something for stomach pain, and ear drops on board.
  8. Talk. Get your kids interested in stories, tell them where you are going and what will happen there.
Traveling with a child without stress: useful tips and tricks

At what age can a child fly?

Some airlines prohibit the transportation of newborns who are less than 7 days old. Parents may be required to sign a statement that they alone are fully responsible for any consequences of the trip. But starting from the age of one week, the flight is allowed. Experienced travelers say that traveling with babies is usually easier because they sleep a lot. Meanwhile, children aged 3-4 years are the most difficult.

What documents do I need to travel abroad?

  • Foreign passport of the son or daughter
  • Birth certificate
  • Visa (if required)
  • Notarized permission to travel from the parents or one of them if the child is traveling unaccompanied or with a relative.
Traveling with a child without stress: useful tips and tricks

How to transport a baby on an airplane

As we've already mentioned, babies travel in the arms of their moms or dads. Before takeoff, flight attendants will issue additional seat belts to secure the baby in the arms of adults. We advise you to take a sling or an ergo backpack, in which your baby can sleep through the entire flight. They do not like belts. Some airlines may offer their passengers an attachable bassinet for newborns.

You can buy a separate seat for your child, but he or she must be in a car seat. You can take a baby stroller with you, but you will have to check it in at the gate before boarding. However, there are small folding models designed specifically for traveling.

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