Top 5 most visited European capitals in 2024

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The most popular capitals in Europe

The time for traveling has come! We'll tell you which capitals are most popular with tourists and what to see this year.


Here, the price matches the quality. At the same time, the city is considered one of the cheapest destinations in Europe. On average, €400 per week is needed for a comfortable vacation.

  • Torre de Belém Tower

It was built in honor of the legendary expedition of Vasco da Gama. It offers a magnificent view of the Tagus River. By the way, the building still has the Governor's Room, the Hall of Kings and Court, and the Chapel with a 16th-century vault. To get to the terrace, go up to the fifth floor.

  • Queluz Palace

Fans of movies about the Middle Ages should definitely go here. Portuguese monarchs and court nobles once lived here. There is a luxurious park around the residence, which is perfect for a walk.

  • Carriage Museum

The "carriage park" of the XVII-XIX centuries. Here you can see carriages from Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. All of them are decorated with various sculptures and figures. One can only guess who these vehicles were transporting.

Top 5 most visited European capitals in 2024


A lively and picturesque city. The capital of the Netherlands has gained popularity due to its relaxed atmosphere and liberal laws. It has many interesting attractions. But it is best known for the shops where you can legally buy marijuana.

  • Rijksmuseum

The treasure trove of the Netherlands, which introduces guests to the history of the country. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in Amsterdam. It houses paintings by Dutch masters of the Golden Age. There are dolls' houses for children. The huts recreate the architecture and atmosphere of life at that time.

  • Pythonbrug

The bridge connects the Sporenburg Peninsula and the island of Borneo. It was built in 2001. By the way, its appearance corresponds to its name. In the evening, it is incredibly beautiful here as the structure shimmers in the light of the lights. If you want to take creative and interesting photos, head here.

  • Keukenhof Park

This place is definitely worth a visit. This is where the famous tulip field is located. The best time to visit is spring. During this period, the area shimmers with a variety of colors: from pale pink to red, orange and purple. But it is also very beautiful here in summer.

More than 4.5 million varieties of flowers are planted in the park. One can only imagine the scale, but it is better to see it.

By the way, it was in Amsterdam that a scene from the famous movie Blame Game was filmed.

Top 5 most visited European capitals in 2024


One of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The Czech capital boasts numerous towers and Gothic cathedrals.

  • Strahov Monastery

It was built for a monastic order. A large library is located on the territory. More than 2.5 thousand ancient manuscripts are stored there. If you look up, you can see the paintings on the ceiling. By the way, there is a brewery here.

  • Dancing House

A non-standard architectural structure is located in the city center. Its style is dominated by asymmetry. It is actually a seven-story office building. A French restaurant is located on the roof, which offers a panoramic view of the neighborhood. At night, the building glows in different shades.

  • Vinarna Certovka

The narrowest street in Prague. Its width is only 70 centimeters. There are even pedestrian traffic lights here. If a person is moving on one side, you can't enter from the other. It's impossible to miss each other at such a distance.

By the way, tourists often gather here. Therefore, it is better to visit the location in the morning.

Top 5 most visited European capitals in 2024


The capital of Poland is located on the Vistula River. It is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the country.

  • Royal Route

This route used to be frequented by Polish rulers, but now it is explored by tourists. The route starts from the castle, which was built in 1618. It contains many restored paintings, silver and bronze items. The walk ends at the former residence of Jan III Sobieski.

  • POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

An interactive building made of glass, concrete, and copper in the postmodern style. Here you can learn the story of the arrival of merchants in the 16th century and get acquainted with the events of mass repression during World War II. The exhibition is divided into 8 galleries. Please note: it is a day off on Tuesdays and free on Thursdays.

  • Lazienki Palace

The residence of the last Polish king. It was built on an artificial island. Inside, the building is decorated with paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens. The territory is very large, covering 76 hectares.

Every year from May 19 to September 29, you can attend a free concert here. It is held near the monument to Chopin, where the composer's works are performed.

Top 5 most visited European capitals in 2024


The largest urban agglomeration in southern Europe. It is famous for its exhibitions and green parks.

  • Prado Museum

It has a collection of more than 6 thousand paintings by famous Italian painters Botticelli, Raphael, Rubens, and others. There are also about 400 sculptures and jewelry. The name of the building means "meadows" or "lawn for holidays". The exhibition hall is open daily.

  • Glass Palace

Located in the Buen Retiro Park. It was built of metal and glass. That is why it looks like a big diamond from a distance. Inside, a real tropical environment reigns. An artificial lake with stairs and various plants immerse you in the atmosphere of a unique ecosystem.

  • Royal Botanical Garden

An ideal place to relax. Flora from all over Spain and the Pacific Islands grows here. Cedars, palm trees, and flowers of various varieties and colors will delight your eyes. At the exit, you can buy live buds or seeds.

Top 5 most visited European capitals in 2024

The world is much bigger and more interesting than we can imagine. It's time to explore new places. Take your tickets and go on vacation!

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