Top 3 inexpensive winter destinations in Europe: check out Romania, Bulgaria and Estonia

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Where to spend your winter vacation

In winter, just like in summer, European countries are crowded with tourists. It's hard to find a place without crowds and noise. And yet, you want to travel wisely, namely take everything from the trip and save money at the same time. Fortunately, such places do exist. Here's where to go this winter.

Sibiu, Romania

This time, you won't have to travel far because our first stop is in a neighboring country. This is a small picturesque town, which is considered to be the most beautiful in Romania. It is cozy, atmospheric and colorful. Even the shabby houses blend in nicely with the local scenery. They really have a certain charm.

The first mention of this settlement dates back to 1191 when life was just beginning to boom here. And in the XIV century, the most important trade routes were concentrated here. Moreover, Sibiu was once the capital of the Principality of Transylvania.

By the way, its second name is "city of eyes". But there is no mysticism here. In fact, everything is very simple. Most of the old houses have attics with windows that are very similar to human eyes. You can see such roofs throughout the historic center and beyond.

The first place to visit is the Christmas market. It is said to be the largest in Romania, and there is an explanation for this. Sibiu used to be home to ethnic Saxons, so it's no surprise that the traditions of holiday markets are best preserved here. After all, such holiday markets come from Germany.

Next, head to the Great Square, the center of the city's life. It was named for a reason. It is indeed the largest in Transylvania. An incredible number of hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. are concentrated here. It is also home to the Brukenthal National Museum, which consists of three of the oldest buildings in the country. It presents works by Spanish, German, French, Italian and Flemish painters. Not far away, in other buildings, there are exhibition halls for weapons, pharmacology, natural history, history, and a magnificent library.

As expected, the Tower of the Council was built on the Main Square. For a small fee, you can climb to the top of it and see all the immediate surroundings in detail. And if you visit the Church of St. Mary, you won't go wrong. The highest point of the shrine offers even more fabulous views. And you don't have to go far as the chapel is built a hundred meters from the Town Hall.

Be sure to visit the Bridge of Liars, as it is popularly called. Take a walk there, visit the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, and finally check out the ASTRA open-air exhibition.

Top 3 inexpensive winter destinations in Europe: check out Romania, Bulgaria and Estonia

Bansko, Bulgaria

It would be a sin not to visit this city in winter. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. The location is just 160 kilometers from Sofia. But even though it is close to the capital, prices are relatively low. The resorts have been operating here for a very long time. Usually, the complexes open their doors in November and steadily receive tourists until mid-April. If you don't know how to ski, it doesn't matter. There are several professional schools with highly qualified instructors. They will be happy to teach you how to ski or snowboard.

For those who want to not only conquer the slopes but also do something else, the city has plenty of entertainment. Take at least a day to walk around the historic center. We promise you will see many unique and unusual buildings.

First, you will be surprised that almost all residents heat their homes with fireplaces. They are "fed" with selected wood or coal. That's why fancy chimneys rise above each roof. Secondly, there are the ruins of an ancient fortress, which add to the grandeur and significance of Bansko. In addition to the remains of the castle, there are many surviving buildings. Among them are cathedrals, museums and monuments.

If you still have time to travel, be sure to go on excursions. We recommend visiting the Rila Monastery in Plovdiv and the place of Vanga's earthly existence.

Top 3 inexpensive winter destinations in Europe: check out Romania, Bulgaria and Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia

If you want to travel to unexplored lands where it is really fresh and snowy in winter, you should definitely go here. The capital of Estonia is located in the Northern part of Europe on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. Therefore, there are very rarely fine days here as usually a harsh climate prevails. It is almost impossible to wait for warmth, and even more so for heat, even in summer. But despite this, it is very atmospheric, colorful, and most importantly, inexpensive.

We advise you to start exploring the city from the Main Square, where the Town Hall is located. This is the historic center, so get your cameras ready right away. You will have to take photos at almost every step. By the way, on the eve of Christmas, it is here that festive fairs, concerts, exhibitions, and festivals are held.

From this site, roads lead to the Old Town, where you can get lost among architectural masterpieces of different eras. We advise you to visit the Church of St. Nicholas and the Niguliste Museum, which features rare icons, unique altars, medieval tombstones and a fragment of the painting The Dance of Death by Bernt Notke. Please note: you cannot enter the exhibition hall on your own, only as part of a group. So take care of your tickets in advance.

Don't miss the opportunity to walk through Kadriorg Park, visit the Tallinna Piiskoplik Toomkirik, and stroll through the most colorful district of Tallinn: Kalamaia. There are still wooden houses here that are painted in colorful shades. We also recommend going to St. Catherine's Passage. There are houses of craftsmen and artists, as well as the ruins of the church of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Top 3 inexpensive winter destinations in Europe: check out Romania, Bulgaria and Estonia

If you really want to go on a trip this winter but don't have the money to visit expensive resorts, try choosing alternative places. It is quite possible to have a budget vacation.

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