Time for conclusions: horoscope for all zodiac signs until June 25

Take a look back at what you've done since the beginning of the year, you may need to change things to achieve success. Source: Created with the help of AI

The transition into the Cancer season is always a time for reflection. At this time, you need to look back at everything you've done since the beginning of the year, draw some conclusions, and implement some changes.

Astrologers say that representatives of all zodiac signs will need this practice. Here's what they advise each of them individually.


You may feel quite upset and disappointed in yourself or an important matter. Instead of defending yourself, getting into fights, or destroying yourself, try to keep your emotions in check. Most likely, you are defending something that no longer serves you and is time to give it up. So before you get into a conflict, think about whether the cause is worth it.


It's time for you to listen to your intuition, and you even need to do it. When you involve its voice in your decision-making process, you will not only hear yourself, but you will also be able to see if you are building your life in a harmonious way. Consider the impact of your actions on the world around you.


You are at the beginning of an important phase, but to get the most out of it, you need to stop looking for external approval. Listen only to the voice of your heart and ignore the noise around you. Slow down and see what you can do to achieve maximum results and realize your potential. Don't let other people's opinions hold you back.


If you've been dwelling on something that's been bothering you, it's important to redirect that energy into something more constructive. While you can't have all the answers or control the actions and intentions of others, you can strive to be mindful and virtuous in the way you show up in the world. You don't need perfection to follow the right path.


If you focus only on what makes you happy, you'll find yourself acting quite selfishly, at least sometimes. Listen to yourself. Your ego may be out of control. You may have to give up some of your personal comfort in order to achieve more and better align yourself with your own values.


Now is a good time to reflect on what you've been up to over the past few months. It's wise to consider not only your actions but also your words, and whether they contradict each other. No, this is not a call to judge or defend yourself, but rather to help you develop greater self-awareness. You're ready to make a big change in your life, but if you don't let your future depend on your past, you'll miss out.


You may feel particularly sad or anxious this week. Therefore, it is very important for you to ground yourself before you do or say something you regret. You may need to let go of some old beliefs, preferences, or relationships. Listen to what the universe is calling you to get rid of to make room for the things you need in your life.


You may feel like you need to make an important decision right away. But the stars say that your wisest course of action is to give yourself time. It's not a sign of weakness to allow things to develop and unfold before you, it's actually in your best interest. Don't try to control the situation to protect yourself. Instead, think about how you can work with what you currently have. This will help you figure out what to do next.


There are so many ways to mobilize and get things done. But you don't always have to be cooperative and consider the interests of others. This week is a good time to assert yourself and achieve success. However, keep in mind that outright confrontation instead of cooperation will create more new problems for you than solving old ones.


The Full Moon will occur in your sign on the 21st. It is designed to stir up strong emotions in you. The best way to use this energy is to stay in the here and now, to be emotionally present. By doing so, you will be able to better utilize your intuition and overcome the challenges you are likely to face this week. Dare to finally grow into the version of yourself you've been working on for a long time.


When you allow fear and apprehension to dominate your perspective, not only do you feel bad, but your world also quickly loses its scope. This week, you'll need to tap into your intuition and thirst for adventure so that you can explore all that is possible and expand your horizons. This way, you can honor your true emotions and not limit yourself.


Being emotional sounds simple, but it can be difficult to do. Drop everything that distracts you so that you can finally feel exactly what's going on in your heart. That is your task this week. Try to realize what is true for you. You don't need to know what to do with your emotions to be able to make room for them.

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