The period of crazy love begins: horoscope for the end of July

Horoscope for all zodiac signs. Source: Created with the help of AI

In late July, astrological transits will create a romantic atmosphere, adding depth and sentimentality to relationships. The Sun continues its journey through the sign of Cancer, and retrograde Neptune will encourage introspection and spiritual reflection.

Astrologers advise taking advantage of this opportunity to reassess beliefs and get rid of unnecessary illusions that can hinder personal growth. And some zodiac signs will be lucky enough to meet the love of their lives during this period.


July will bring dynamic changes in various aspects of your life. Neptune retrograde will encourage you to explore your subconscious and spirituality. Creative expression will boost your self-confidence. If you feel called to seek and explore new professional opportunities, the Capricorn Full Moon will emphasize your 10th house of authority and fame.


Surround yourself with things that remind you of home. July begins with Neptune retrograde, prompting you to re-examine certain situations so that you can discern what is real and what is merely an illusion. Watch your spending as Mars entering Gemini may inspire you to spend too much on pleasure.


Neptune retrograde will affect your 10th house of career and reputation. There will be new opportunities for advancement at work. Brainstorming and communication with like-minded people will be especially useful. This is a good time for creativity and self-expression as you will become more assertive and confident.


By activating your ninth house of belief systems and self-knowledge, Neptune retrograde will encourage you to expand and seek higher truths outside of your comfort zone. You should also focus on finances and value systems. The New Moon will mark a powerful time to set intentions related to your self-improvement and personal goals.


The beginning of July will be very reflective. This cycle is conducive to uncovering hidden truths and releasing emotional baggage, paving the way for your personal renewal. Mercury in your sign symbolizes a powerful time for self-expression. At the end of July, your season will begin, so get ready for a new stage in your life.


You'll have to make some tough choices in your relationships. Neptune retrograde will encourage you to dispel illusions and clarify boundaries in your personal and professional partnerships. It's time to let go of what doesn't serve your development. This is a period of reflection, conclusions, and healing. And at work, success awaits you. Take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate your leadership skills and innovative ideas that could lead to significant financial gain.


You will be a real role model. But you should pay more attention to your health and daily routine. Neptune retrograde encourages you to take steps to clear up confusion and clarify your daily habits for greater efficiency. The July New Moon will lay the groundwork for new beginnings in your professional life. Your attention will shift to travel, higher education, and philosophical pursuits.


July promises an inspiring and transformative journey. Neptune retrograde will encourage you to immerse yourself in new projects, artistic reflections, and romantic connections. Mercury's transit in your 10th house of career will help you get promoted. Expect a turning point on July 21 as the Capricorn Full Moon will illuminate your communication sector and give you new clarity.


Mercury retrograde will encourage you to reconnect with your roots and seek healing. During the New Moon, the stars advise you to engage in strategic planning and think about the realization of important goals. Mars in Gemini will ignite the sector of partnership, but not just personal. This is a time of cooperation, communication, negotiations, and interviews that will form the basis for future financial success.


July will force you to focus on romantic relationships and your inner circle, but retrograde Neptune will encourage you to trust your intuition more than other people's advice. Sincere conversations will shed light on important aspects. If you've been patiently waiting for a promotion or are currently negotiating new sources of income, Venus' debut in Leo on July 11 will bring harmony and prosperity to this area of your life.


Neptune retrograde will encourage you to reassess everything from your latest investments to your financial beliefs and material possessions. July 11 will be an important period for career advancement. Consider this an opportunity to strengthen your status through creative collaboration and joint projects.


It's time to take responsibility for your life. You will have to dispel some illusions. This is a great time to improve your work environment and daily rituals. In addition, the New Moon in Cancer will illuminate your fifth house of self-expression, encouraging you to show intentions for creative projects and the desires of your heart.

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