The land of pharaohs and pyramids: what to see in Egypt

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Egypt: popular resorts

It's time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the warmth of the sun. We will tell you which resorts in the Arabian Republic to visit this year.


The majestic capital of the country and its economic, commercial, social and cultural center. Perfect for short excursions. We recommend exploring the Islamic District, Khan el-Khalili Market, Al-Azhar Mosque, and the Zamalek Quarter on your own. And also go to the resting places of the pharaohs. Read about them below.

The land of pharaohs and pyramids: what to see in Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

The last of the known Wonders of the Ancient World. The tombs were built about 2500 thousand years before Christ. They were used to bury Egyptian rulers and their family members. Just imagine: at least 10,000 workers worked on the site to build the tombs.

The largest pyramid is Cheops. It is 140 meters high.

What is worth knowing?

  1. It is quite difficult to walk the territory of the entire complex because it covers a large area. Therefore, it is better to rent a car or camels.
  2. Arrive early. It is better when the sun is just starting to rise. This way you can avoid the crowds and buy entrance tickets without queues.
  3. It can be reached by public transport.


The world's largest open-air museum. There are many temple complexes and cultural sites here. At the entrance to the city, tourists are greeted by 20-meter statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep. They used to serve as guards. At the entrance, there are two large figures of Ramses and a granite obelisk. There is also an exhibit of a scarab beetle.

We recommend visiting the Valley of the Kings and Queens. Many pharaohs are buried here. There are more than 60 tombs on the territory. Be sure to visit the tomb of Tutankhamun. It was built during the reign of the king. By the way, it survived a large-scale theft.

The land of pharaohs and pyramids: what to see in Egypt

Blue Hole, Dahab

An ideal place for diving. It is here that a natural depression is located, which is adored by scuba diving enthusiasts. It is formed from vertical caves that look like a dark-colored spot from the mountain.

To see all the beauty of the marine world, you need to go down to a depth of about 56 meters.


The largest port in the country. Here you can go to the local library. It is distinguished by its cylindrical shape and book collection. Literature from different parts of the world is collected here. Just imagine: up to 8 million books are stored here. So book lovers should definitely visit this place.

Also, don't forget to visit the Montaza Palace. It has been granted the status of a presidential residence. The adjacent park is a former royal garden. It belongs to a protected area. By the way, tourists are always welcome here.

The land of pharaohs and pyramids: what to see in Egypt

White Desert

It covers about 300 square kilometers. The sand here looks like small pearls. Geologists assume that this place was once the ocean floor.

By the way, there are unique black stones here. They were thrown out of the volcanoes during a magma eruption. Today the desert has the status of a National Park. At the entrance, travelers are greeted by the Crystal Mountain. It seems as if it is a separate planet in the Cosmos.

Mount Sinai

This is where pilgrims are most often seen. According to the Bible, it was on this hill that the prophet Moses received the 10 Commandments from God. Travelers often come up here to meet the sunrise. The height of the peak reaches 2300 meters. The hiking route itself is quite easy and not that long.

The land of pharaohs and pyramids: what to see in Egypt

Coloured Canyon 

Rocks of colorful sandstone. They sparkle with red and orange hues. It's always cool at the bottom of the abyss even in hot weather. According to legend, Cleopatra liked to walk here. You can also buy souvenirs and goods from local craftsmen here.

Tips for travelers:

  • Locals in the resort centers speak English. However, be prepared for the fact that road signs and street names often use Arabic and Latin scripts only.
  • It is better to buy goods in stores and avoid oriental bazaars.
  • Many delicacies and things require a certificate to be exported. It is issued immediately in the shops.
  • To take pictures in a museum, you need to pay about $10.
  • When visiting a monastery or temple, women should cover their shoulders and arms.
  • It is better not to use tap water.
  • Be careful! Most fish in the sea are poisonous.
  • The ability to bargain will help to reduce the price by half.
  • You can buy alcohol only in hotels or restaurants. The republic has a dry law.

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