Russians are most eager to ask Putin when the war will end: opinion poll

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Russians want to ask Putin when the war will end

In the aggressor country of Russia, a social survey was conducted to find out what citizens would like to ask Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. More than 20% of Russians said that they are most concerned about when the war started by the aggressor country in Ukraine will end.

At the same time, the least of the Russians surveyed are concerned about the theft of officials. The poll was conducted by the Levada Center at the end of November 2023.

21% of respondents in the aggressor country said they wanted to ask the Kremlin leader when and how the war in Ukraine would end. Among the options for this question were the following: "When will there be peace?", "When will the special military operation end?", "When will we win?", "What is being done to end this operation?" and "When will mobilization end?"

Russians are most eager to ask Putin when the war will end: opinion poll

8% of Russians would like to know when pensioners will have their pensions raised and when pensioners will "live normally." Also, 8% are interested in social problems, such as the unavailability of housing, expensive and low-quality healthcare, and the level of education.

7% want to know from the dictator when wages will be raised and living standards will rise in Russia, 6% want to know when Putin will finally step down from the presidency, and 6% want to know when prices will stop rising in Russia.

4% of the polled Russians would like to wish the Kremlin dictator health, longevity and say "thank you"; 3% would ask about the future of the Russian economy; 2% - about problems with roads and landscaping; 2% - about pension reform; 2% - about foreign policy, assistance to Palestine, negotiations with the West; 2% - about the problems of migrants; 2% - about when Russian officials will stop stealing.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, fraudsters in Russia have invented a new "divorce" for gullible Russians, which has already affected the mother of actor Dmitry Feinstein, who played, among other things, in the popular TV series "Interns." The fraud involves accusations of "financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

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