Russia has announced a new UAV attack: they write about a fire at the Afipsky oil refinery. Photos and videos

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Fire in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation. Source: RosZmі

On the night of June 20, Russia again complained about an attack by unknown UAVs. Explosions were heard in the Krasnodar Territory – there was allegedly a hit on the Afipsky oil refinery. It was also loud in the village of Enem in the Republic of Adygea.

According to Russian propaganda channels, residents of the Afipsky and Enem villages heard explosions, which were followed by a fire. There is currently no official information from the authorities of the aggressor country

According to the propaganda channel Baza, the attack on the Afipsky oil refinery began at around 2:30 am local time. The media outlet claims that the drones were "suppressed and shot down", but the wreckage of one of them "crashed into a tank, after which a fire broke out".

Astra writes that a fire allegedly broke out at an oil depot in Eden after a UAV attack. "LUKOIL-Yugnefteprodukt" oil depot is located there. The Afipsky oil refinery is located 8 kilometers from Eden.

According to the Kremlin propagandists, the fire area was about 400 square meters.

Later, the Operational Headquarters of the Krasnodar Territory stated that the city of Slavyansk-on-Kuban was allegedly attacked. The report claims that "the drone fell on a private house, it was destroyed." According to preliminary information, there is a dead person.

They also stated that the information about the fire at the Afipsky oil refinery "is not reliable".

It should be noted that the "Afipsky Oil Refinery" is part of the "Safmar" group. Its oil refining capacity is about 6.25 million tons per year. The distance from the refinery to the nearest territory controlled by Ukraine is over 360 km.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that on the night of June 20, six UAVs were intercepted and destroyed by regular air defense systems over the territory of the aggressor country.

The terrorist ministry said that one drone was destroyed over the territory of the Republic of Adygea, three UAVs over the territory of Bryansk region, three UAVs over the territory of Krasnodar Territory, one over the territory of Rostov region, one over the territory of Belgorod region, and one UAV over the territory of Orel region.

Later, OBOZ.UA's informed sources reported that the attack on the oil depots in Tambov region and Adygea was an operation of the Security Service of Ukraine. The special forces hit the fuel and lubricants warehouse of "Tambovnefteprodukt JSC" and the "Enemskaya" oil depot of "LUKOIL-Yugnefteprodukt" LLC. As a result of the drone attack, fires broke out at both facilities. At the affected facilities, the Russians processed and stored raw materials and finished products, which were subsequently used for the needs of the Russian occupation army.

Russia has announced a new UAV attack: they write about a fire at the Afipsky oil refinery. Photos and videos

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