Reddit user counted the number of screams in each film of the Scream franchise: interesting results

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The Scream franchise
The Scream franchise

The network has found out how many times the characters in the famous slasher franchise Scream, which has already had five separate films, screamed. It turned out that the third movie, released in 2000, was the loudest.

There were 58 screams in Scream 3. This was stated by a user of the American entertainment portal Reddit, who watched all the Scream movies and compiled interesting statistics.

The second part of the franchise was second on the list (51 screams). It was followed by the fourth (43) and the first (37) part.

Interestingly, Scream 3 has the worst reviews among critics, even though it grossed $161,834,276 at the global box office. On the authoritative movie portal IMDb, this horror film received a low rating of only 5.6 out of 10.

The user also calculated that with each new movie, the main character, the killer Ghostface, took the lives of more and more characters. He had five victims in the first movie, eight in the second, nine in the third, and 13 in the fourth.

Scream 5 screenshot

We would like to add that the new, fifth part of Scream has already been released. In Ukraine, it is shown in cinemas starting from January 13.

The film tells the story of the events that took place 25 years after the provincial town of Woodsboro (USA) was shaken by a series of bloody murders.

"The horrific events had just begun to fade from memory when a new killer put on the same mask and went on the hunt. Those who survived many years ago are determined to confront the maniac today," reads the description of the slasher.

The official trailer for the new movie Scream (2022):

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