Propagandist who was fired from Soloviev's channel "predicts" uprising against Putin and even gives an exact date

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Propagandist Satanovsky "predicts" an uprising against Putin

Russian political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky suddenly announced a future uprising in Russia against Vladimir Putin after a scandal with his dismissal from a propaganda channel. This will allegedly take place on the day of the dictator's live broadcast and a large press conference with media representatives.

According to the Kremlin's announcement, both events are scheduled for December 14. The propagandist "predicted" that the Russian elite would "rise up against the current government."

"Representatives of the domestic establishment can organize a real revolt," he said, arguing that on the day of the conference, Putin is likely to announce his decision to run for re-election.

The orientalist and economist, as Satanovsky is known in Russia, believes that for the Russian elite it will be "the most successful day for an attempted uprising." He says that "pro-Western" officials are already aware that it is important for the dictator to have a positive news background when announcing his candidacy for the presidency.

"If the liberals spoil this news, they can be sure that the uprising has taken place," he was quoted as saying by the Russian media.

The Russian political scientist does not rule out that the liberals could "use proven schemes" to do this, namely the collapse of the ruble or a sharp increase in the key interest rate. They can also "arrange some kind of cataclysm": for example, they can sharply increase inflation.

Satanovsky said that the goal of the uprising is the elite's intention to ensure that Russians do not believe in Putin's election program and his overall political course.

"In practice, it will look like this: he says one thing on the screens, but the dollar is already 110 rubles, and the price of chicken has doubled. The president himself and his entourage need to be prepared for this because the liberal elite, run by the West, is not sleeping. And until a large-scale purge is carried out, the liberals will not stop trying to implement their plans. An attempt will be made on December 14," the propagandist assured.

On October 21, Satanovsky was fired from the propaganda channel Soloviev LIVE, where he often appeared as an "expert in the field of politics and economics of Israel and other countries of the Middle East." The reason for his dismissal was some of his offensive statements against Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova.

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