It's probably time: how often should you change your pillows

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The quality of a pillow affects the quality of your night's rest. Source: Created with the help of AI

A soft and resilient pillow is necessary for proper neck support during a good night's rest. In addition, it should be hygienic enough, because the object is in contact with your face and respiratory tract. But how do you know if your pillow is out of order and needs to be replaced?

It is also important to know this because the material from which the pillow is made can become more permeable to dust mites over time, which can cause allergies. That's why OBOZ.UA has figured out the nuances of pillow care.

How often do you need to change pillows?

Experts say that these bedding items need to be replaced every two years. Or even earlier if they wear out quickly. In two years, a significant amount of dead dust mites and their droppings can accumulate in the pillow. These are microscopic insects that live almost everywhere in the house, but are especially fond of textiles and bedding. For sensitive people, this can cause allergies and even asthma.

How to understand that it's time to change pillows

If you need specific signs to indicate that it's time to change your pillow, here are a few options.

They are shedding

Over time, pillows lose color. If the item looks faded, it has accumulated sweat, sebum, and dead cells, which are breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites.

They have lost their shape

A pillow that has lost its shape no longer provides proper support for your neck and head while you sleep. This can lead to discomfort, pain, and a poor quality of rest. Fold your pillow in half. If it does not immediately return to its original shape, it has lost its quality and it is time to replace it.

They smell unpleasant

Replace your pillow immediately if you notice an unpleasant odor. This may be a sign of mold growth inside the object. Especially pay attention to this nuance if you go to bed with wet hair. Mold-causing fungi are also strong allergens and can affect even people who are not prone to such conditions.

You are suffering from allergy symptoms

If you notice that your allergies get worse at night or after you lie down on your pillow, it could be a sign that the item has accumulated allergens. If the symptoms do not go away after washing the item, you should definitely say goodbye to the pillow.

How to extend the life of your pillow

Wash your pillows regularly. If they are machine washable, choose a temperature of 50-60 degrees to clean them. For pillows that are not machine washable, hand wash them in warm, soapy water.

Choose mild and odorless liquid detergents. They rinse out better from the pillows and are less likely to cause allergies.

Dry your pillows in a tumble dryer with special balls that will fluff up the filling and prevent it from sticking together. If the pillow cannot be dried by machine, wrap it in a towel and let it absorb moisture, and then place it in the air. If you place the wet pillow in the sun, the ultraviolet light will further disinfect it.

Use protective pillow covers. They are put under the pillowcase and washed from time to time. Such a cover will help protect against dust mites and other allergens.

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