It only harms the laundry machine: what things should not be washed together

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You can easily overload your washing machine if you put bedding and towels in the drum together. Source: Created with the help of AI

If you have a lot of laundry to wash at once, it's tempting to throw everything into the drum at once. This can be time and resource efficient, but it can also cause damage to your laundry during the washing process.

Moreover, such an overload eventually disables the washing machine. It becomes unbalanced, starts jumping, and parts wear out faster. To avoid the problem, you should pay attention to what things should not be washed together. Experts say that you should not put towels and bedding in the same load. OBOZ.UA found out why.

Folding dirty towels and sheets together is a common habit, and many believe that it can save time or water consumption. In addition, these are things that are in direct contact with the body, and they are made of similar natural materials. It would seem to make the most sense to wash them together.

But in reality, these items have different thicknesses, materials, and weights. A large volume of towels can not only damage thinner bedding but also have a bad effect on the washing machine drum. When water gets into it, the weight of these things increases significantly, which means you are at great risk of exceeding the maximum allowable load. Over time, this can damage the bearings and the drum shaft.

Also, towels, sheets, and duvet covers often get twisted into a single lump when washed together. If it bounces around during the process, it can cause damage to the drum and internal parts of the machine. It can also disrupt the spinning process.

Another problem that arises with this type of washing is that towels and bedding usually have different wash and dry cycles. They need different water temperatures and spin rates. Violation of these recommendations leads to rapid wear and tear of fabrics.

To maintain quality, sheets usually require a gentle cycle and a lower temperature, especially for natural fibers. Towels, on the other hand, are better suited to high temperatures and stronger detergents that will clean them, including from bacteria.

Also, towels are prone to forming a large amount of lint. This is especially true for new ones. During washing, it can stick to the sheets and it will not be easy to remove it. And this is another reason why it is better to wash these things separately.

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