How to use an eyebrow pencil: tips from makeup experts

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Thick natural eyebrows are a trend that has remained unchanged for many years. Eyebrows help to create the right accents, balance facial features, and even visually rejuvenate the face.

When it comes to eyebrow care, properly filling in the hairs with cosmetics is one of the most important steps. Experts told us how to use an eyebrow pencil correctly to create the most natural makeup.

Cosmetics for eyebrows

Powder, wax, eye shadow, pencil, or light strokes of a dark brown cosmetic felt-tip pen (reminiscent of eyeliner) are the most common options for carefully filling in uneven areas of eyebrow hair growth. Regardless of whether the unevenness is due to excessive plucking or is a natural feature, it is important to remember that you can create thick eyebrows with a quality pencil that suits your complexion and hair color.

It is not necessary to resort to radical measures, for example, microblading, a permanent makeup technique where the technician makes micro-cuts in the shape of a hair with a blade, which is filled with pigment. This procedure is relevant only in exceptional cases and is not suitable for everyone.

Step-by-step instructions for using the pencil correctly

Eyebrow pencils are the most popular option because they are convenient even for beginners and allow you to achieve the most natural look.

"Pencils fill in all the irregularities on the eyebrows to create the desired shape," said makeup artist Lucy Gargiulo.

Step 1: preparation

The first step is to comb your eyebrows in one direction. This can be achieved with a brush, which is often available on double-ended pencils. Makeup artist Heather Rafaela recommends combing your eyebrows upward instead of sideways. This allows you to see which areas need to be filled in.

Step 2: first strokes

The eyebrow pencil should be well-sharpened. Gently apply the first strokes and fill in the areas that need the most pigment to thicken, curve, or lengthen the eyebrows. The eyebrows should not go too far down to avoid creating the effect of upset, tired eyes.

Step 3: main application

After the preliminary application of the brow pencil, you can quickly determine whether the pigment is evenly distributed on both brows. Makeup artists recommend that you draw the eyebrows again with a pencil, but do not create too clear contours. Eyebrows should be natural.

How to use an eyebrow pencil: tips from makeup experts

Step 4: fixing

Eyebrow gel will help fix the pigment, highlight hairs, and create the most natural eyebrows possible.

By the way, when applying makeup, makeup artists often use the eyebrow shaping technique, which includes defining landmarks to "outline" where the eyebrows should start and end, as well as where the arches should go. 

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