How to sleep if you get sunburned: tips from a sleep expert

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You should be careful with the sun - burns can seriously damage the skin. After prolonged unprotected exposure to the sun during peak hours, the skin turns red due to the effects of ultraviolet rays.

A sunburn is already painful, and the discomfort is greatly exacerbated at night. Hana Patel, a sleep expert at Time4Sleep, told us how to sleep if you have certain parts of your body burned.

Symptoms of sunburn

Within a few hours of sun exposure, the first symptoms of sunburn appear.

They include:

  • burning pain
  • redness of the skin
  • swelling
  • blisters on the skin
  • nausea
  • fever or cold;
  • fever.

"The situation worsens at night, as it usually takes 4-6 hours before the symptoms of sunburn appear," explained Dr. Patel.

Unpleasant sensations are aggravated by pressure - damaged skin can be irritated by contact with bedding.

Experts suggest cooling off in a cold shower, lightly wiping with a damp towel, and taking paracetamol if symptoms include pain and fever. As for nightwear, choose loose pajamas made of cotton or silk.

However, the most important thing you should do (both in the evening and during the day) is to moisturize your skin and drink plenty of water to help your body recover.

How to sleep with sunburn on your legs

Unfortunately, your feet are in contact with the bed no matter what position you sleep in. However, Dr. Patel noted that it is worth taking extra pillows.

To relieve pain and reduce swelling in your legs, you should elevate your limbs slightly with a pillow. Make sure the pillows you use are not too high.

How to sleep with sunburn on your back

It's simple - try sleeping on your side or stomach for a few days. If this is not an option, use a few pillows to help you sleep in a supine position.

"Elevate your head slightly by stacking two or three pillows to relieve some of the pressure from lying on your back," Patel suggests.

How to sleep with sunburn on your arms and shoulders

Most people lie on their side to be comfortable, but burns on the arms or shoulders can make it impossible to sleep in this position. But there are a few things you can do to ease the discomfort.

In case of sunburn on your arms and shoulders, try to sleep on your back. Again, using pillows can reduce pressure.

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