How to prevent dampness in the house in summer

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The summer heat is much easier to endure in low humidity conditions: the stuffiness disappears, and it's easier to cool down with the help of the air conditioner. However, in our climate, the air humidity is quite high, and this often makes the atmosphere in the house quite uncomfortable.

You can dry the air in several ways: both with and without gadgets. OBOZ.UA tells you how to deal with moisture in the room in more detail.

Air conditioning

An ordinary household air conditioner, in addition to cooling the room, also removes moisture from the air. Such devices dehumidify the room by extracting warm air from the house and transferring it outside with the help of refrigerant. During this process, the air temperature drops as it passes through the cold evaporator coils of the unit. While the air conditioner absorbs heat, it also absorbs moisture from the air. The result is effective dehumidification.


If your air conditioner is not efficient enough or if your goal is only to dry the air and not to lower its temperature, then a household dehumidifier will help you. The device works similarly to an air conditioner: it absorbs warm air and moisture and uses coils to cool it down. By condensing, these coils remove moisture from the air and transfer it to the dehumidifier's tank, which needs to be emptied from time to time.

Moisture traps

But what if there are problems with the power supply and the device won't work during a power outage? In this case, hygroscopic substances that can absorb water from the air will help you. These include charcoal, rock salt, baking soda, and silica gel. Pour a layer of such a substance into a wide bowl and place it in a humid room. The surface of the substance will gradually attract water. Over time, the filler will need to be replaced. However, charcoal, salt, or baking soda can be dried in the sun and reused. The downside of this method is that it is less effective.


Ventilation will help to remove excess water vapor from the room. In the heat, it is better to do it in the dark when the air outside the window is not so hot. When it gets dark, open all the windows. If possible, arrange a temporary draft. The drier air from the street will remove moisture and some of the household dust from the room.


To prevent excessive moisture from accumulating in the rooms, try to ensure that as little of it as possible evaporates into the air. Always wipe off all wet surfaces in your home: collect water from the floor after a shower, clean up puddles on kitchen countertops, and dry dishes after washing. Try to use moderately hot or only lukewarm water. Very hot water produces more steam. Dry the laundry outside, and wash the floor with a well-wrung cloth.

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