How to grow lettuce from leftovers: you won't need seeds

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Growing lettuce from leftovers is not that difficult. Source: Freepik

Growing lettuce in your garden from seeds is not such a difficult task. But did you know that you can you not only plant a vegetable in this way but also get a good harvest from ordinary leftovers?

Experienced gardeners say that lettuce reproduces well from cuttings. OBOZ.UA tells you what you need for this and how to properly prepare sprouted lettuce for planting.

Start by choosing a fresh head of lettuce in the store without signs of rot or damage and remove the outer, most wilted leaves from it. Then use a sharp knife to cut off the bottom of the stem. The fresh cut should be about 3 cm from the base of the leaves.

Now remove all the leaves that you want to put in the dish. You won't need them for sprouting. The process requires only the head of cabbage itself. It is this head that will need to be rooted.

Cook something tasty with the leaves, and put the head of cabbage in water. It should stand upright, and the water should cover the cut tip by no more than one centimeter. A glass or a small vase will be convenient for such germination, but you can also place the cutting in another vessel that would be convenient for you.

Now you can put the salad out for germination. Choose a warm and well-lit place for this. Only diffused sunlight should fall on the cutting.

Change the water of the cutting every day. It should not stagnate. Otherwise, the cutting will rot very quickly and you won't be able to get roots from it. When you see that the root system of the lettuce is well developed and the first leaf has begun to form from the stem, transplant the vegetable into the ground.

For growing lettuce indoors, a regular universal soil mixture is suitable. You can also enrich it with humus or peat. Secure the rooted head of lettuce well in the ground and water it properly. It is also good to use a rooting agent. It will help the plant take root faster.

From time to time, the vegetable can be fertilized with liquid fertilizers. And it should be grown on a sunny windowsill or balcony. By the way, a head of cabbage grown in this way can also be used as a cutting.

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