How to clean windows to a shine without too much effort: useful life hacks

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How to clean windows to a shine without too much effort. Source: Created with the help of AI

Clean windows are not only beautiful but also an opportunity to enjoy natural light without obstruction. However, sometimes cleaning them can be a real challenge.

Streaks, smudges, wet frames, etc. can be a hassle even for the most experienced housewife. That's why Apartment Therapy has shared a step-by-step method of window cleaning that will help you forget about these problems.

Window nets

If there are nets on your windows, remove and clean them. First, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of most of the dust. Then, if they need a deeper cleaning, put them in a bath or shower and wash them with warm water and soap.


Fully open the windows and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the frame, cracks, and thresholds. Do this before you start cleaning the glass to prevent dirt from getting on the already clean surface.

You can also remove the curtains to wash them.


Pour a solution of liquid soap or white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the glass. Then use a soft, damp sponge to wipe the windows.

Avoid harsh chemicals, cleaning products with ammonia, and anything with a high alcohol content. Such cleaners can cause loss of transparency or damage to the glass surface.

Also, do not clean windows on hot sunny days. High temperatures can cause the liquid to evaporate too quickly, which can lead to streaks and stains.

After you have wiped off all the dirt, wipe the windows dry from top to bottom with a glass scraper or microfiber cloth.

Finally, repeat this procedure on the outside and put the nets back in place.

Apartments on high floors

If you live on top floors, it can be quite difficult to clean the windows from the outside if they do not open inward.

You can use a long-handled window scraper or use special magnetic or vacuum cleaners to avoid leaving the glass halfway dirty.

Also consider hiring a professional window cleaning service.

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