Get ready for incredible changes: the horoscope for the full moon after the solstice

This June, the full moon almost coincides with the solstice. Source: Created with the help of AI

The June full moon is one of the most important of the year, closest to the summer solstice and considered to be particularly energetically powerful. This year, it almost coincides with it: the solstice will take place on June 20, and the full moon will rise on June 22 in the sign of Capricorn.

Astrologers say that this combination will give all zodiac signs a special energy - it will relieve pessimism, relieve tension, increase the sense of responsibility and faith in their own strength. Read this horoscope further to find out what awaits your sign.


You don't usually wait for something to come your way, but rather create opportunities on your own. The Full Moon in Capricorn will draw attention to your tenth house of success and legacy. Think about what you've accomplished over the past six months. You may be surprised to see what personal goals and professional ambitions have materialized in your life. If you want to do something, do it before the next full moon on July 21.


Reflect on how you've grown beyond yourself as the Capricorn full moon illuminates your ninth house of travel, expansion, and education. You may have reached an important milestone in your education - earning a degree, completing a course, learning a new skill. You may have gained an inspiring mentor who changed your path altogether. But if you still feel stuck on your current path, you have one more month to think about your next steps before the cycle of transformation finally closes for you.


Embrace your transformation. You've recently gone through a cycle of inner rebirth. And it may have encouraged you to be more open in your relationships to avoid getting caught in a predicament. You can use this new vision to work on your finances. If you've been holding back on making changes in your life, you have one more month to allow them to happen.


Think about what you want in the long run as the full moon illuminates your seventh house of relationships and commitments. You're inspired to work tirelessly on current endeavors - this could be in your personal life or professional life. You could also be tempted by new potential commitments. Nevertheless, these past six months have given you a new perspective that could affect the rest of your life. But don't rush to make a decision. Give yourself another month to think about it.


Think about the habits you've developed as the June Full Moon emphasizes your sixth house of work, health, and habits. During this lunar cycle, you may want to set a health or professional goal for yourself. You could start looking for a new job to improve your income, or you could feel inspired to get serious about your fitness. Do your best to make progress. You still have one more month to establish a new habit.


Think about how love doesn't really recognize barriers when the Capricorn Full Moon focuses on your fifth house of creativity, pleasure, and romance. You could work diligently to get rid of red tape in your life. During this lunar cycle, you might enjoy dating more than usual and make time for the fun activities you enjoy. However, the full moon can also be a reminder that being overly conservative is not a way of life. You'll have until the next full moon to get rid of these barriers.


The full moon in Capricorn will point you to personal matters as it will influence your fourth house of home and family. Something has been changing in your family lately. You may have set new boundaries with your loved ones. Or remember and fix something from your childhood. Or you may have completely changed your home life and relationships with your family. If there is anything left that you feel is unfinished, use the next cycle until the Full Moon to complete it.


Take your communication skills more seriously. Realize the power of your words as the Capricorn Full Moon activates your third house of communication. Whether written or spoken, your words mean a lot. You'll realize this when you reflect on your interactions, reflections, and discussions over the past six months. Your comments have had a big impact. Keep this in mind until the next full moon comes around. You may be surprised at how much attention others pay to what you say.


The past six months have inspired you to gain self-confidence. You've finally accepted yourself for who you are and can move forward in harmony with yourself to ensure you have true success and abundance. Take pride in your skills and talent as the Capricorn Full Moon illuminates your second house of value and self-esteem. If you're still suffering from low self-esteem, it can undermine your efforts. Luckily, you have another month to turn things around, as the second Capricorn full moon will be your chance to gain confidence in your worth.


Do you like the person you've become? Six months ago, you may have been planning a major internal change. You may have worked on your appearance, such as finding your style or changing your body. A shift in personality and identity may have occurred if you wanted to reinvent yourself. Note during the full moon what results you have already achieved. You may realize that you still have some work to do, some mistakes to correct. Try to at least map out this path until the next full moon. But for now, be proud of who you are becoming.


Being alone is not always a bad thing. The current lunar cycle may have taught you to feel comfortable being alone. Time alone with yourself has begun to bring you pleasure. Perhaps you've found a new hobby or indulged in a date with your true self. When the Capricorn full moon touches your twelfth house of the subconscious, you may see yourself differently. If not, you have another month to find comfort and solace in your own company. This is exactly what you need to learn.


Think about how you've performed in friendships over the past six months. Were you the kind of friend who could be relied upon in times of need or crisis? Did your friends do the same for you? Depending on how you answer these questions, you may be able to gain insight into your connections when the Capricorn Full Moon moves into your eleventh house of friendship. If you're not sure about the strength of your friendships, fix it before the next full moon.

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