Five EU countries demand a complete ban on grain imports from Russia: List

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Five EU countries demand a complete ban on grain imports from Russia: List. Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Five countries of the European Union (EU) – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic – have called for a ban on grain imports from Russia and Belarus to the territory of the community. The ministers of these countries appealed to the European Commission with this call, which had earlier proposed to impose a duty instead of a full embargo on Russian grain.

This was reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania. This issue will also be discussed at a meeting of the EU Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The appeal proposes to impose a ban on the import of products from Russia and Belarus throughout the EU. The ministers also emphasized the importance of implementing measures to prevent grain stolen from Ukraine from entering the European market.

In addition, the Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture had previously initiated an investigation into the origin of grain imported into the country. This was preceded by information from the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine that Russia was profiting from grain exports from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to third countries.

On March 22, the European Commission officially proposed raising tariffs on grain imports from Russia and Belarus. In this way, the EU intends, among other things, to combat Russia's exports of illegally appropriated Ukrainian grain.

However, so far, it is only the introduction of duties, not a complete ban. It is assumed that duties will be raised to the maximum level allowed by the WTO for the following goods:

  • wheat
  • corn
  • sunflower meal.

At the same time, Taras Kachka, Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade Representative of Ukraine, believes that the European Commission may still impose a ban on the import of Russian grain. The body may approve such an embargo as early as April. Metallurgical products from the aggressor country may be the next to be banned.

Overall, Ukraine aims to completely stop the supply of raw materials from Russia to the European Union. "It is important for us to implement a project to displace Russian raw materials and semi-finished products and replace them with Ukrainian ones," Kachka said.

In early 2024, Latvia introduced its own ban on the import of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus. In March, the list of goods subject to the ban was officially approved. The list includes not only grains, legumes and oilseeds, but also many vegetables and processed agricultural products.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Polish farmers unblocked the border with Russia. The protest was supposed to last until April 20, but since March 25, trucks have been allowed to pass freely. The farmers explained the lifting of the blockade by the approach of Easter.

According to Jerzy Salitra, a representative of the Warmia and Mazury Chamber of Agriculture, the trade with Russia is continuing. At the same time, Russians bring to the EU not only grain, but also fuel, in particular autogas.

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