Find your destiny: perfect matches for every sign of the Chinese zodiac

Chinese horoscope. Source: Created with the help of AI

According to the Chinese zodiac, the year of birth is a key factor in shaping personality characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. The oriental horoscope also determines the compatibility of partners.

Compatibility according to the Chinese zodiac is based on a very simple principle: some animals naturally get along better with each other, while others are likely to face problems in relationships. People born in the Year of the Dog will be an ideal partner for zodiac Horses, while Monkeys will feel a lack of understanding in dealing with Roosters.

Rat: loyalty and resourcefulness

The Rat is known for its intelligence, resourcefulness, and determination. They have a perfect compatibility with Bulls and Dragons – these signs are hardworking, reliable, charismatic, and ambitious individuals. Rats also have a strong connection with the Monkey, as they adore the playful and intellectual monkey side. Rats can have difficulties in relationships with Goats because they have different visions of life.

Bull: loyalty and steadfastness

Bulls are persistent, hardy, and selfless. The Bull and the Rat will create a harmonious union because they share common values. Thanks to its intelligence and intuition, the Snake is also a good match for this sign. Bulls are also on the same wavelength as hardworking and responsible Roosters but may face difficulties in relationships with Goats.

Rabbit: calmness and kindness

Rabbits are animals known for their gentleness, kindness, and diplomacy. Rabbits are instinctively attracted to the gentle and caring Goat and the compassionate and sensitive Pig. The Rooster is a critical personality type, so there may be problems in the relationship.

Rooster: competence and perseverance

Roosters are known for their confident nature, hard work, and caution. Roosters can be a perfect match for the Bull, who is hardworking and reliable, and the Dragon, who is full of charisma and ambition. In addition, they have a spiritual connection with the intelligent and insightful Snake. It will be difficult for Roosters to have a relationship with the Rabbit, as their directness may conflict with the rabbit's gentleness.

Monkey: cunning and resourcefulness

Monkeys are famous for their intelligence, adaptability, and playful nature. The Monkey is a natural partner for the Dragon, a charismatic and enthusiastic personality, and for the Rat. Monkeys can have difficulties in relationships with Tiger, as their playful nature can conflict with the intensity of Tiger. There will also be a lack of understanding with Pigs and Roosters.

Goat: calmness and care

Goats are famous for their kind and caring temperament and ability to compassion. An ideal pair would be a Pig or Rabbit. Goats can have problems in relationships with Rats, who are prone to criticism (as Goats are extremely sensitive).

Horse: carefree and free

These people are known for their freedom-loving nature, energy, and love of adventure. Horses and Tigers are considered bold and adventurous signs. Horses share common values and natural compatibility with Dogs. Horses may have difficulty relating to the hard-working Rat because their wild nature may be incompatible with the Rat's need for stability. They may also face difficult moments due to the stubbornness of the Bull and the critical nature of the Rooster.

Tiger: courage and adventurousness

These people are often described as bold, passionate, and adventurous. Tigers find a natural affinity with the Horse as they both enjoy the excitement of new challenges. They also bond with the loyal Dog. The Tiger may have difficulty communicating with the Monkey, as the latter may be too playful and not match the Tiger's intensity.

Dragon: charm and audacity

Charismatic, confident, and ambitious, Dragons make a perfect match with Rats. They are both intelligent and inventive, quick-witted and adaptable. Dragons can feel connected to a dynamic and self-confident Rooster. The Bull and Dragon may have problems because the Bull is uncompromising and the Dragon is very adventurous.

Snake: intelligence and intuition

Snakes are a symbol of wisdom, intuition, and flexibility. Snakes are best matched with the Bull and Rooster, as these two animals are loyal, hardworking, confident, and ambitious. Snakes can face difficulties in relationships with the Pig, Rabbit, and Goat.

Dog: loyalty and vigilance

Dogs are known for their loyalty and sense of justice. Dogs can be a perfect match for the bold and gambling Tiger and the lively and dynamic Horse. However, there will be a lot of problems and disputes in relationships with the Dragon. The Bull and the Goat will also not be the best partners.

Pig: care and sensitivity

Pigs are associated with love, generosity, and kindness. They love to enjoy life and are able to see the joy in everyday life. Pigs and Rabbits are naturally drawn to each other due to their friendly and diplomatic nature. The same goes for Goat and Pig, as both signs have a caring and compassionate nature. Relationships between the Pig and the Rooster can be difficult, as the Pig's sensitive nature does not always resonate with the Rooster's directness. There may also be difficulties in communication with Snakes and Monkeys.

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