Don't build walls: astrologers named the main fear in relationships for each zodiac sign

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Building a healthy relationship is not an easy task, especially if the partners are mature individuals with a certain amount of life experience. Each zodiac sign has serious anxieties that, on a subconscious level, prevent them from building relationships.

It's not always a superficial problem, often the fear is hidden much deeper. Astrologers have told us what the biggest fears are that each zodiac sign has to deal with.


Aries is afraid that their partner will start controlling them and limit their freedom. This sign strives for self-development and wants to do everything on the impulse of the heart – it can be traveling, risky adventures, or sudden moves. Aries does not want to constantly worry that their partner does not approve of their choices. The moment they feel restricted in a relationship, they know it's over.


Taurus prefers to take things slowly, especially in a new relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach brings a lot of contradictions. While Taurus is still in the phase of looking out for each other, the partner can practically live at his or her home. The partner is already making plans for children and a joint old age, and for Taurus, living together means nothing yet. Taurus is afraid when things move too fast.


Gemini are social butterflies who are always ready to have a good time. But most of all, they are afraid that their partner will be their complete opposite. Gemini is looking for someone who will also strive for success, fame, and recognition.


Cancers are sensitive and emotional, and they are always influenced by their surroundings. Their biggest fear is that their partner will become indifferent to them. Cancer is afraid that the partner is only entering into a relationship to benefit or gain.


Leo is a self-confident personality who always wants to be on the move, overcome obstacles, and gain recognition. Leos are afraid that someone will try to "tie them down" in a relationship, holding them back from taking action. Leo is an incredibly loyal partner who can take on all the cares and responsibilities, but he must also remain true to himself and his desires.


Virgos tend to pay attention to the little things, which is both a blessing and a curse. They notice the slightest mistakes of their partner and react to it too radically. Virgos may start to believe that their partner doesn't care about them or the relationship.


One of Libra's biggest weaknesses is its indecision. This becomes a problem in the early stages of a relationship. Libras are afraid that their partner will move too fast in the relationship, leaving them confused and exhausted. And this can force them to make choices they are not yet ready to make.


Scorpios hate it when people rush through life – according to them, everything will happen when it's supposed to. Therefore, Scorpios will look with caution at a partner who will tell them about long-term plans for family and children.


Sagittarians have a strong thirst for adventure and fun, and they will not settle for a boring relationship. Sagittarius' biggest fear is that they won't be able to take responsibility. This zodiac sign needs drama, excitement, adventure, and surprises. Otherwise, Sagittarius will lose interest very quickly, putting an end to their relationship.


Capricorn is honest, practical, reliable, and a master of self-control. But he will not tolerate control from his partner. Even if the partner has an opinion, Capricorn is unlikely to hear it. Capricorn's biggest fear is that someone will make decisions for them.


Aquarians are naturally quick problem solvers, but in certain situations, problems take time, especially when the issue needs to be resolved properly. However, when their partner tries to avoid resolving the issue or throws unnecessary obligations on them, this becomes the biggest fear of Aquarius.


Pisces will do anything to help others, especially those they love. But all Pisces wants in return is reciprocity. What Pisces fears most is that they won't receive the same love and care in return that they gave to their partner. They know how important it is to be there for each other, and they won't settle for anything less.

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