15 facts about Sri Lanka that will definitely surprise you

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Interesting facts about life in Sri Lanka

Every traveler should visit Sri Lanka at least once in their life. It is an amazing country that is washed by the waters of the ocean, sea and bay. Thousands of trees grow here, birds of paradise sing, and you can always hear the echoes of wild animals. Here's what you can find on the island in OBOZREVATEL's selection.

1. The name of the country means "Blessed Land". The country used to be known as Ceylon. It is here where the leaves for the world-famous hot drink are grown. By the way, tea plantations are the most visited tourist locations in Sri Lanka.

2. 70% of local residents are Buddhists. There are many different shrines here. Therefore, the authorities are very concerned about the comfort of believers. Even buses have special seats for monks.

3. This is probably the only country in the world with two capitals, one actual and one official. Sometimes even Sri Lankan citizens cannot say for sure which city is the main one: Colombo or Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

4. Fish and seafood in local markets are very cheap. They are sold fresh, but almost no one adheres to sanitary standards. So you can easily catch an infection or get poisoned.

15 facts about Sri Lanka that will definitely surprise you

5. The most popular local fast food is shrimp in batter or dough. You can buy them almost everywhere.

6. Here, even the most expensive restaurants can wrap plates in cling film. This is done in view of sanitation issues. But it looks, frankly, very unpleasant.

7. You can buy ice cream and chilled water almost everywhere. It is almost impossible to survive the heat without these products.

15 facts about Sri Lanka that will definitely surprise you

8. You rarely see the usual coffee shops on the island. But bakeries are very popular here.

9. There is a clear division of roles among local families. A man is the head of the family and the breadwinner, while a woman is a housewife. The most significant event in a woman's life here is a wedding. It is celebrated for 2 days, and a real folk festival is organized with various colorful costumes, singing and dancing.

10. Despite the conservatism regarding marriage, Sri Lanka has a very low divorce rate of less than 1%.

11. Residents of the country carefully observe all the customs of their people. There are as many as three national symbols that are considered almost sacred: elephants, lions and lotus.

15 facts about Sri Lanka that will definitely surprise you

12. Sri Lankans are mostly engaged in agricultural activities, so they value and respect the land and nature. The island has 6 national parks and many species of rare animals.

13. Sri Lanka is a major exporter of spices, including fenugreek leaves and cinnamon. The country also trades in jewelry and tea.

14. The flag of Sri Lanka is the oldest official state symbol in the world.

15. You are unlikely to hear gratitude from the locals. Instead of "thank you," they smile kindly.

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