Why you shouldn't do laundry in the morning: the essence of an old superstition

Specific days and hours were considered auspicious for doing laundry

Any activities related to cleaning and purifying the home are of great importance from the point of view of esotericism. After all, this is how channels for energy are opened. Laundry is no exception to this rule. There are many signs and superstitions around it.

OBOZREVATEL has familiarized itself with these signs. And tells you why you shouldn't do laundry in the morning. And how best to do it from the point of view of esotericism.

Why it is not advised to do laundry in the morning

Traditionally, laundry has been a very time-consuming and labor-intensive activity. And even the advent of washing machines did not take away this status. However, the clothes washed in the morning have time to dry by the evening, so they can be ironed and laid out before going to bed, which is convenient. Nevertheless, superstitious people do not recommend doing so.

It is believed that this way, laundry takes too much time from the family. It turns out that the whole day falls out of family communication.

Signs explain this prohibition somewhat differently. People believe that doing laundry in the morning can bring various troubles and misfortunes to the person doing it. In the morning, water can supposedly wash away all good luck and make a person vulnerable to evil forces. Therefore, excessive contact with water at the very beginning of the day was not recommended.

Nevertheless, people did not practice evening washing either. It was believed that after sunset, all kinds of evil spirits began to be active in the water. Therefore, cleaning clothes in the evening was considered not only undesirable but also dangerous.

The best time to do laundry was during the day, at lunchtime. From a practical point of view, it is then that there is enough light to take care of removing all stains. It is also warmer during the day, so things will dry faster. There was also a belief that clothes roasted in the sun had healing properties, transmitting the energy of the sun to their owner and protecting them from disease. Conversely, things dried in the moonlight carried dark energy and could attract bad luck.

When to wash and when not to wash

In addition, people insisted that it was necessary to choose the right time of day for washing, not only the time of day, but also the day of the week. Here are the signs associated with this:

  • Monday - the beginning of the week is already a difficult day, so it is not recommended to plan additional tasks that require effort on this day, so people said that the laundry washed on Monday will dry all week;
  • Tuesday - cleaning clothes can bring bad luck to the house;
  • Saturday - if you do the laundry on the first day off, it can result in poverty and quarrels between the family;
  • Sunday - the holy day was traditionally devoted to rest, and any work on Sunday was threatened with illness and misfortune.

People believed that Wednesday was the best day to do laundry. Thursday and Friday were somewhat less suitable, but also quite acceptable. But new clothes should be washed on the new moon before wearing them for the first time, so they will last longer.

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