Why you can't grow violets at home and what to do if you already have them

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Superstitious pessimists and optimists alike agree that violets are good for the kitchen

Saintpaulias, or Usambar violets, are one of the most popular indoor plants. They are loved for their incredible variety of flower shapes and colors. Breeders have bred hybrids with simple star-shaped flowers, with lush frilly petals, and even multi-colored, striped, and spotted ones. Some Saintpaulia lovers have impressive collections of these plants. But, according to some signs, violets should not be kept at home.

OBOZREVATEL has figured out the superstitions associated with these plants. And also tells you what to do if you already have such a flower. And what to do if you don't believe in superstitions and want to get yourself this wonderful plant.

Why do superstitions advise against having violets?

Saintpaulia is believed to be a flower that brings loneliness. Therefore, it should not be grown by people who are single. For people in a relationship, it can also allegedly bring trouble in the form of quarrels, or even breakup.

Also, superstitious people do not recommend accepting the plant as a gift. They say that it can easily transmit evil eye and curse. It can also portend death in the family.

If a violet dies, some people see it as a positive thing. They say it has taken on the negative energy directed at its owner. Why you should immediately plant a new one in its place will be discussed in the next chapter. It will be about...

Why it is recommended to keep Saintpaulia at home

On the other hand, in the East, this flower is famous for attracting wealth and harmony to the family. That is why, if one violet dies, you should immediately find a replacement for it - this will maintain positive energy in the house.

Optimistic superstition lovers also advise paying attention to the color of the flower you put in your home, depending on what area of your life you want to improve:

  • red - will bring passion and mutual understanding in relationships, as well as attract money;
  • blue and light blue - will give inspiration to creative people;
  • purple - will help to achieve harmony and spiritual growth;
  • pink - will improve health and emotional state.

What to do if you already have a violet

If you tend to believe in bad omens, but have already grown and fallen in love with Saintpaulia, or even more than one, then simply move it from the bedroom to the living room or kitchen. By the way, optimists say that the energy of the flower helps to lose weight, so it will be best placed in the dining area. In this case, it can also strengthen family relationships. So, the kitchen is a good place for the flower in any case.

What conditions do violets need

Violets are very delicate plants, although even inexperienced growers can handle them if the necessary care conditions are met. Provide the flower with moderate warmth, bright light without direct sunlight, and not too abundant, but regular (at least once a week) watering through a saucer. Water getting into the rosette of leaves can cause the plant to rot, and the sun leaves fatal burns on it.

It is easy to choose the size of the pot for the violet - it should be 2-3 times smaller in diameter than the leaf rosette of the plant. It is best to transplant it in early spring, by transferring it together with an earthen lump into a pot of the appropriate size. After that, add the required amount of fresh soil to it.

That's all the wisdom for those who are not afraid of superstition and want to have a beautiful flowering plant at home. By the way, Saintpaulia blooms regardless of the season and can delight with flowers several times a year.

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