Why dogs bark at cars: the most common reasons

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Dogs often bark at cars

Barking and chasing a car can mimic a dog's natural hunting instinct. The dog perceives passing cars as prey to be caught. And usually, this chase ends as soon as the car leaves the territory that the dog considers its own.

As the car approaches the house, the pet may start barking to warn of "entering someone else's territory". As the car continues to move, the dog believes that its warning did not work and increases its aggression. The details were reported by the publication Сuteness.

Smells also play an important role. Dogs are known to have a sensitive sense of smell. The smells of other people and animals accumulate in the car. The dog can even spot the area on the tyres if someone else's car is parked in the yard.

Experts say that there is another reason for barking - it's banal boredom. To live a healthy and fulfilling life, dogs need mental and physical activity. Cars are very tempting "stimuli" for animals: they are fast, loud and emit odours.

However, while barking at cars can be tolerated, chasing pets puts not only the pet and the driver at risk, but also other road users. It is important to do everything possible to prevent this behaviour.

Whenever your dog shows interest in a passing car, simply redirect his attention to something else. Before you take your dog for a walk, take a treat and a toy with you.

Dogs need to be trained from an early age. It is important to make it clear that you are also the "pack leader" and your job is to protect the house and the surrounding area. In this way, your dog will not feel the need to warn you of perceived threats. Your dog will bark less at cars if he knows that you have everything under control.

If your pet has a habit of chasing cars down the street, experts advise you to try one of the following methods:

  1. If you live in a private house, keep your dog in a kennel or in a fenced yard. It is necessary to create a safe barrier between the animal and the carriageway.
  2. Teach your dog to react quickly and come to your call.
  3. As a last resort, you can make the dog associate barking at a car with something unpleasant. For example, with a rise in your voice or water spray.

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