Which plants will best adorn the yard: blooming abundantly and regularly

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What flowers to decorate the courtyard with

Flower beds can be planted not only for the sake of aesthetic appeal. Some plants, such as marigolds or lavender, can repel mosquitoes. Calendula, in turn, will aid in the fight against Colorado potato beetles.

Before planting flowers, attention should be given to the light level. Some plants require direct sunlight for healthy development, while others prefer shade and high humidity. The type of soil is also crucial; certain flowers thrive in black soil, while less picky ones can grow in light and loose varieties. Read OBOZREVATEL's article about the best plants to cultivate in the yard.


There are more than 500 species of asters. These perennial plants, depending on the variety, grow throughout the warm season - from May to November. Thus, even with the onset of autumn cold, the flowerbed will maintain a bright appearance.

Asters can be propagated in three ways:

  • Seedlings from seeds
  • By dividing the bush
  • Cuttings

Asters bloom rapidly and grow quite densely, thriving in non-acidic soil.


Phlox is a highly popular flower with a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. It is an undemanding plant that grows in all types of soil and thrives in sunlight.

Phlox can be:

  • Ground cover
  • Those that bloom in spring and summer
  • Bushy

It is advisable to plant phlox in groups, avoiding placement under trees and on slopes.


Yarrow is a medicinal plant that blooms with white flowers. Decorative varieties of yarrow have been developed, and it can grow in various locations, including rocky surfaces. Yarrow blooms for an extended period, from early spring to September, and can endure summer heat, drought, and the first frost.


Lavender is a natural deterrent against mosquitoes, flies, and moths due to its scent. Therefore, it is recommended to plant it in flower beds at the entrance to the house or near windows. Lavender thrives in sunlight and, under favorable conditions, blooms until October.


Ukrainians often plant petunias in pots on balconies, verandas, or terraces. However, it looks equally beautiful and suitable in flower beds and gardens. Petunias should be planted only after the threat of frost has passed, as they require warmth.

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