Which cats dislike people the most: breeds that are rarely affectionate

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Persians, Bengals, and Egyptian Maus do not enjoy close contact with humans

When we take a cat home, we often dream of how it will climb onto our lap, let us pet it, sleep next to us, and purr loudly. It often happens. But since each cat is an individual, it may turn out that yours doesn't like excessive contact and would rather spend time next to you, watching your actions, than in close proximity.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, representatives of certain breeds are more prone to such independent behavior. Let's talk about them in more detail. But note that this is not an axiom. It's just a trend, from which there may be many exceptions.

The British cat

Their plush coat seems to be specially designed to be petted. But the animal itself does not agree with this. The phlegmatic Briton can give a decisive rebuff to anyone who wants to pick him up or pet him.

Egyptian Mau

Spotted cats of graceful build can be very affectionate with their owners, but they will be suspicious of strangers. Representatives of the breed are very shy and tend to hide to be alone even in a calm environment. However, situations when they want tenderness are not so rare.

Persian cat

The phlegmatic character for which these fluffy beauties are valued has a downside: they have very wide personal boundaries and do not need frequent contact. Persians do not like to be disturbed and can even show the fighting side of their nature if a person insists on their way.

Bengal cat

Wild genes are still strong in these animals, so they tend to show increased independence and rarely agree to be handled by humans. Bengals need to be allowed to be active without restriction, and this will make them much happier than being scratched behind the ear.

Norwegian Forest cat

Although this fluffy giant has been living next to humans for many years, it has not acquired a great love for close communication. They are independent hunters who would rather give you a hunted bird or rodent as a sign of affection than sit on your lap.

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