What cat breeds can be safely bathed: not afraid of water

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Some cat breeds are not afraid of water

There is a stereotype that all cats are afraid of water. Bathing is a real stress for them, and they may scream, scratch and run away to avoid contact with water.

In fact, experts say that there are breeds that react to water completely calmly and even love to swim. Read more about them in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats usually have no fear of water and often climb into the bathtub with their owners when they bathe. These cats even like to play in the water.


Maine Coon

Massive and formidable-looking Maine Coons won't throw a fit when you want to give them a bath. At first, they will be a little wary, especially during the first contact with water. But then the bathing procedure will become something familiar and routine for them.



It is important for Sphynx owners to remember that cats should not be bathed in cool water. This breed does not mind water procedures, but low temperatures can not only cause stress but also lead to health problems.


By the way, cats have an interesting habit: before drinking water, they usually touch it with their paws. And sometimes they also climb into the glasses of their owners, which they have carelessly left on the table. Read the article to find out why cats test water with their paws before drinking it.

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