When Ukraine switches to daylight saving time: why it is done

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At first, the time change made it possible to save a lot of money on lighting

 Ukraine will soon switch to daylight saving time. But not everyone knows why the clocks are reset twice a year.

OBOZREVATEL told when it would be necessary to reset the clocks in the spring of 2023. And also where this custom originated.

When will the time be changed to daylight saving time?

According to Ukrainian laws, the transition to daylight saving time occurs on the last Sunday of March. In 2023, it will be on March 26.

During the springtime changeover, clocks are set one hour forward. Electronic gadgets will do this on their own, while mechanical clocks will have to be reset manually.

Why reset the clocks?

The idea of resetting clocks dates back to the 19th century, and its purpose was to make better use of daylight and save on candles and coal for lighting. The first seasonal change of hands took place on July 1, 1908, when the city of Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) in Canada switched to daylight saving time.

The first countries to use daylight saving time were Germany and its allies in the First World War. This was done precisely to save resources. This practice was soon adopted by the United Kingdom and its allies, and later by most European countries. The United States began practicing switching hands in 1918.

Why the world is trying to abandon time change?

Modern research shows that time changes - both in spring and summer - harm human health. Jumping an hour in one direction or the other seriously disrupts circadian rhythms, causes stress, and hits people with cardiovascular diseases the hardest.

That's why the European Commission has been trying to abolish daylight saving time since 1996. However, so far, the EU countries have not reached a consensus on this issue.

Ukraine has also tried to abandon this practice several times. The first attempt to stay in the 3rd time zone (modern daylight saving time) took place in 2011. But the initiative was not approved in the western regions. Because the solar time there differs sharply from the proposed one, it would have forced people to get up early for school and work. The resolution was canceled, and Ukraine returned to daylight saving time.

The Verkhovna Rada made another attempt in 2020. Back then, parliamentary spokesman Ruslan Stefanchuk proposed to leave wintertime permanently. It was also proposed that local authorities could independently decide to move the start and end of the working day in the regions to a more convenient time. But then it was decided to send the initiative back for revision because if Ukraine refused to change the clocks, it would not be able to synchronize its life with Europe.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told how to prepare for the time change to reduce health risks.

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