What your foot shape says about your character

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The body says a lot about a person's character

Experts in the field of pedomancy (a paranormal practice of divination based on foot lines and toe shapes - Ed.) claim that the shape of the feet can provide a key to unraveling a personality. For example, it can demonstrate character traits.

According to Good Housekeeping, four main types of feet determine human behavior. These are Roman, fire, peasant, and pointed-toe feet.

The"Roman foot", when all the toes are smaller than the previous one, denotes a person with a balanced and proportional body shape, typical of a sociable and outgoing person. They are always ready to learn and like to open themselves up to new experiences. Such feet are usually found in travelers.

''The Roman foot'' speaks of sociability.

The "Fire Foot" or "Greek Foot", where the second toe is longer than the others, indicates a person who is active, athletic, creative, and enthusiastic about new and different ideas. Such people can encourage and motivate others. However, the owner of this foot can be very impulsive, which can sometimes lead to excessive stress.

''Fire foot'' indicates impulsiveness.

The "peasant foot ", in which the length of the fingers, including the first or thumb, is almost the same, forming a rectangular shape, suggests that its owner likes to think about and constantly check every decision. They always weigh the positive and negative sides. That is, such people are usually very practical and reliable, which means that you can rely on them.

''Peasant foot'' is a sign of reliability.

A foot with a pointed big toe belongs to secretive people with their depths. They can also often change moods and be quite impulsive.

A sharp thumb is most often found in secretive people.

In addition, experts say that people with small feet love life and very hectic work and large feet are characteristic of those who are most eager to succeed in new endeavors. Crooked toes are a sign of surrender, long toes are a sign of ambition, and a very large toe is a high level of rationality.

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