What you shouldn't do when creating a look: a Ukrainian stylist points out some gross mistakes. Photo.

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Gross mistakes when creating an image

When creating fashionable looks, girls first of all think about the trendiness of a particular thing, but forget to pay attention to important details that often spoil even very stylish outfits. For example, a combination of lightweight fabrics with tight tights or bare ankles in a winter look can indicate a lack of taste.

In order to avoid these and other mistakes, you need to first familiarise yourself with them in order to "know the enemy by sight". A Ukrainian stylist named Inna helped us with this, sharing the most common mistakes in styling looks on her Instagram.

Layered looks are always stylish. But the wrong layering can "kill" your fashionable look. It is important to know that each subsequent layer should be denser than the previous one.


Bare ankles in winter not only look inappropriate, but also dangerous to health. Therefore, white high socks will protect you from both fashion failure and colds.


"Cropped" outerwear for the cold season is another gross mistake. Tight jackets and coats will hinder your movements, and if you wear a bulky trendy sweater or jacket underneath, you risk looking ridiculous. Remember that outerwear should always be loose enough.


Thick tights with a light dress or skirt is a disastrous combination. The thinner the material of your clothes, the thinner the tights should be.


Sportswear should always be quite voluminous. Otherwise, when you wear a hoodie with skinny jeans or tight trainers, the stylish look is immediately lost.


And a little more about tights. When choosing flesh tights, give preference to shades that are as close as possible to your natural skin colour. But achieving a tan effect with bronze shiny nylons or, conversely, giving your legs a noble pallor with too light tights is definitely a bad idea.


Too thin, tight knitwear can ruin your appearance. To make your silhouette look more sophisticated and your look more stylish, choose knitwear made of thicker fabric.


A narrow strip of bare leg between the shoe and the belt is not the best styling idea. Either make the distance wider or hide your shoes under your trousers/skirt/dress.


Skinny jeans have long ceased to be a trendy jeans model. If you still like to wear a tight bottom, the top should be voluminous and vice versa.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, there are several anti-trends that you should definitely not take with you in 2023. Among the things that have fallen out of favour with fashion experts are a zip coat, a sheath dress and a bandage dress. Read more in our article.

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