What to plant in the vegetable garden to scare Colorado potato beetles away: simple options

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Which plants repel Colorado potato beetles

Colorado potato beetles multiply very quickly, so you need to fight them effectively and in time. Most often the pests attack potatoes, but then they move on to other crops: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants.

Often gardeners avoid the use of chemical preparations, believing that those will negatively affect the harvest. Manually shakening the pests off the surfaces and killing afterwards can be an alternative option. You can also plant some plants on the bed, which will deter Colorado potato beetles. OBOZREVATEL shares what to plant so that pests do not spoil potatoes.


Coriander is not only a flavorful seasoning, but also a natural enemy of Colorado potato beetles. The plant has a pronounced aroma, which the pests do not tolerate.


Velvet plants will decorate the flowerbed and garden and also repel beetles from the bed. Experienced vegetable gardeners often plant these flowers on the perimeter of the growth of potatoes or even in the inter-row. However, note that you can not plant too many velvet flowers as they can take away useful substances and moisture from the soil.


Thyme will repel not only Colorado potato beetles but also cabbage moths, spring flies, whiteflies, tomato hawk moths and flea beetles. It spreads quickly, creating a dense "carpet" flowering. Thyme, by the way, is also used in folk medicine. The plant has antiseptic, antibacterial, antibacterial and soothing properties and promotes wound healing.

Onion and garlic

Onions and garlic release special substances called phytonicides, which will help fight Colorado potato beetles and their larvae. A nice bonus is that these crops reduce the risk of phytophthorosis.


Horseradish is not a very pleasant neighbor for most crops, but potatoes love i. It will effectively deter Colorado potato beetles.

The main problem is that horseradish literally occupies the beds, braids all the free space with roots and "survives" neighbors. The usual digging will help a little, but horseradish is so tenacious that it is able to revive even from the slightest root residue. To know how to properly grow horseradish and why you need to clean beds sometimes, read our material.

Earlier OBOZREVATEL shared two plants that should not be planted in the vegetable garden, because they can destroy the entire crop.

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