What questions you should never ask a woman: they can easily ruin a relationship

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Personal boundaries must not be violated

Tactlessness and a habit of meddling can ruin even the best first impression. Therefore, it is important to show all the courtesy and attention you can on a date. And even after the dating period, this trait will be highly valued. Where to start? For example, with a cheat sheet with a list of questions that should not be asked of a woman.

As OBOZREVATEL found out, psychologists call these and similar questions a gross violation of personal boundaries. And this is a manifestation of disrespect, which is one of the most serious obstacles to building a good relationship. And not just romantic ones.

Maybe you should change your clothes.

You can't know how much time and effort a woman has spent getting ready for a date or a friendly meeting with you. Or maybe it's the other way around - she did everything possible to be on time and sacrificed a marathon to see you for at least an hour that evening. Be grateful for the time you spend together, not for the time spent preparing for the meeting, which can easily be ruined by an inappropriate question.

How do you fit so much in?

How much a person eats is a personal matter. Maybe the girl has been so busy all day that she hasn't had time to eat a single crumb and is now catching up because she's already feeling badly hungry. Or maybe she's an athlete and is now gaining weight. Or maybe she's been ill recently and needs to regain weight to gain strength. And even if she just has a good appetite, it's no one's business but her own. After all, you don't feed on the Holy Spirit either.

Isn't it time for you to find someone?

A woman can have a million reasons not to waste time on a relationship that is visible to society. From banal fatigue or traumatic experiences in the past to having a secret love. And she is under no obligation to tell you about these reasons. If she is happy on her own, then be happy for her. If not, why step on a sore spot?

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