What is the danger of treason during the war and how to avoid it. A psychologist gave advice to Ukrainians

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Olena Adamova argues that separation is a rather difficult crisis moment.

One of the most frightening situations that couples separated at a distance during the war can face is betrayal. Psychologist Olena Adamova says that separation is a rather difficult crisis moment that lovers often do not go through in peacetime. And in a difficult period, it's even worse. The expert advised on how to cope with it.

On her Instagram page, Adamova talked about why cheating is so dangerous at this time. According to her, this act is caused by additional vivid emotions, namely stress, adrenaline, and depression.

Olena Adamova talks about betrayal during the war.

"And a sudden outbreak of sexual passion, seemingly safe flirting, emotional involvement with another person, will create the illusion of 'here it is – love'... Especially against the background of a faded relationship or lack of sex. And also against the background of claims: "Why don't you write?", "Where are you and what are you?", "We have a war here and you don't come," the expert says.

Adamova recommends that long-distance couples should never get involved and should not even give themselves a chance to flirt. Against the backdrop of an emotional surge that will amplify feelings and emotions, it may seem like falling in love. In reality, it is a simple experience.

The psychologist explained that even though the perception of each other is radically different, the reasons for cheating are relatively similar for both sexes. First of all, these are relationship problems, alarm bells, or vice versa, the belief that everything is under control.

"Whatever you see in these reasons, it is important to know them not only to prevent your partner's infidelity but also to understand yourself better," advises Adamova.

Olena Adamova recommends that couples communicate.

The psychologist gave recommendations to help avoid infidelity:

Lack of attention – there should always be communication. It is important to be interested in your partner's inner world, his or her experiences and joys.

Recognition and admiration – it is important to sincerely focus your attention on your partner's strengths and not forget to admire them.

Lack of sex or monotony in it – you should try to diversify your bed life.

The need for honesty and openness – small undisclosed lies give the consciousness a chance to go more sophisticated and deeper.

The need for quality performance of one's duties by gender. A woman expects a man to provide for her, to be a responsible father, to be a man. And a man needs comfort and a safe haven at home.

"If these needs are met in your couple, you will go through all crises together and in harmony. Losing such a relationship will be incredibly painful. And each partner will think 20 times whether it's worth risking this rare happiness for a moment's pleasure," the expert summarized.

Elena Adamova advises to diversify your bed life.

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