What absolutely cannot be thrown down the toilet: it may even come to repair

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Soup poured down the toilet can cause big problems.

Sometimes the toilet is used as a way to dispose of waste in the home. Especially when it comes to organic matter. But plumbers warn that this is not the way to use the device - it can clog the sewage system and damage the pipe system in the whole house.

OBOZREVATEL figured out what should never be thrown down the toilet. The damage that can occur in this case will cost you a pretty penny.

Soups. Only the liquid part of the dish (broth or decoction) can be disposed of in the toilet, all solid particles should be sent to the trash.

Coffee grounds. Due to its abrasiveness, this waste can accelerate pipe wear. This is especially true for pipes made of cast iron.

Animal and vegetable oil. Any fat hardens under the influence of cold water. If you drain it into the sewer, it will begin to settle on the pipe walls and accelerate clogging. It is quite difficult to clean grease deposits.

Chemical solvents. Aggressive substances can damage the enamel of the toilet bowl and spoil the pipes. Especially when it comes to plastic varieties.

Boiling water. Due to the temperature difference between the cold bowl and hot water, the toilet enamel can crack. This can completely ruin the sanitary device and you will have to change it.

Toilet paper. Despite the fact that manufacturers are now trying to make toilet paper semi-soluble and suitable for disposal in the toilet, not all varieties are capable of this. This can have the worst effect on the sewage systems of old houses.

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