"Vigilance must not be lost": Operational Command "South" warns of the threat of Russian precision missile strikes

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Operational Command "South" warns of the threat of Russian precision missile strikes

Missile carriers of the terrorist state of Russia continue to manoeuvre in the Black Sea. This means that the threat of missile attacks remains at a fairly high level.

Saving stocks of precision weapons, Russian terrorists can use the tactic of targeted missile strikes. Nataliya Gumenyuk, head of the Joint Coordination Press Centre of the Southern Defence Forces of Ukraine, said this during the telethon.

According to her, there are four Russian missile carriers in the Black Sea, with a total possible volley of 24 Kalibr missiles. At the same time, the Operational Command "South" did not rule out the possibility that the enemy would bring some of the ships to their basing points due to the storm.

However, Ukrainians were urged not to lose their vigilance, as the Russian occupiers could launch precision missiles from the Black Sea.

"There are two surface and two submarine launchers on duty in the Black Sea. This suggests that the total volley of Kalibr can reach 24 units. But we know that they are not fully equipped. Nevertheless, we assess the threat level as very high. The weather is deteriorating, the storm is developing, and there will most likely be more manoeuvring and basing, but we cannot lose our vigilance. We need to monitor both aviation activity and the presence of missile carriers in the Black Sea. It is possible that they may use targeted missile strikes, but it is obvious that they are saving such weapons," said Gumenyuk.

In addition, Gumenyuk noted that the Russians continue to terrorise southerners with the help of aviation. Thanks to the work of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the enemy's power on the left bank of the Kherson region has been reduced. However, the Russians are not abandoning the tactics of terror and shelling civilians with the help of aircraft and UAVs.

"We see that they have no success on land. Having reduced their ground power, they are using aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles, which they used to use only for reconnaissance. Now they are strapping explosive grenades to them and trying to hit crowds. This is a classic feature of terrorism, because they have no other targets - only crowds of people, in particular, where humanitarian aid is distributed,"  said the spokesperson for the Operational Command "South".

Recall that the Russian occupation forces spent a significant portion of their high-precision long-range missiles on strikes against Ukrainian infrastructure. The Russian Federation did not achieve the desired effect, so now it is looking for new ways to shell Ukraine.

Recently, the contents of a Russian X-101 missile were shown online. Its cost is $12.5 million, but it contains rather cheap Chinese-made parts.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine believes that the Russian Federation has limited capabilities to manufacture new X-101 and Kalibr missiles. Within a month, the aggressor state is capable of producing about 50 missiles of these types combined.

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