Unusual phenomenon is observed in the sky over Ukraine: the Moon and Venus meet. Photo.

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The Moon and Venus in the sky over Ukraine
The Moon and Venus in the sky over Ukraine

On the evening of Sunday, April 23, an unusual phenomenon was observed in the sky over Ukraine - a meeting of the Moon and Venus. This is an astronomical phenomenon when both cosmic bodies are in the sky side by side.

Photos of this phenomenon, which is called one of the most amazing in astronomy, are being posted online by Ukrainians in large numbers. It looks really beautiful and impressive (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

As you know, with the exception of the Sun, the Moon and Venus are the two brightest objects in the sky. Astronomers measure the relative brightness of objects in the sky with a term called magnitude. The Sun has the highest magnitude, 26.73. The Moon, by comparison, has a magnitude of -12.6, while the maximum brightness of Venus is -4.7 magnitudes.

The Moon and Venus over Kyiv
The Moon and Venus over Kyiv
The Moon and Venus in the evening sky.
The Moon and Venus in the night sky.

The Moon is so much brighter than Venus because it is closer. The distance to the Moon is about 0.384 million km, while the closest distance to Venus is about 38 million km. In other words, the Moon is about 100 times closer to the Earth than Venus.

It is worth reminding you that the life of the solar system in which we live does not stop for a moment. According to scientists, it was not formed overnight either, so all the planets have different ages - some are older, some are younger. Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury were the last to form.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that NASA recently discovered an object that is 10 million times brighter than the Sun. Its existence defies explanation.

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