Unlimited champagne and an in-house pianist: what the world's most expensive hotels have to offer

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The most expensive hotels in the world

Who among us has not dreamed at least once in his life to stay in the Presidential Suite of the most expensive hotel? The kind with large and spacious rooms, a swimming pool right on the balcony, and a view from the window that is hard to describe with words. And there are those for whom such a life is a reality. So here's a list of the best accommodations in the world. By the way, a night in some of them costs no less than an apartment in Kyiv.

5th place - Laucala Island Resort (Fiji)

Just imagine: a remote island from civilization, surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, tall palm trees and incredible beaches. It is amidst such beauty that the Laucala Island Resort is located, which is not unreasonably called a millionaire's paradise.

Local villas, each ranging in size from 170 to 1200 square meters, occupy one-third of the land. By the way, this is the only accommodation on the entire island, which can accommodate a maximum of 250-300 tourists at a time. So that your quiet (or not) rest no one will interfere.

Wealthy people who come here on vacation can choose a home overlooking the ocean or the mountains. There are also villas hidden among the rainforest or on the highest point of the island.

All guests have round-the-clock access to the lagoon pool, an area of almost 2 thousand square meters, five restaurants, golf courses, SPA-complex, riding school and diving center. By the way, for each villa secured butler and other staff, and local chefs can cook to order any dish.

Another interesting nuance: next to each house is a small boat, which can be used to move around the island. If that's not your option, you'll be taken anywhere by local eco-transport.

Prices per night at the Laucala Island Resort start at $25,000.


4th Place - Atlantis Paradise Island Resort (Bahamas)

Paradise Island has long been synonymous with big money. Here are some of the best and most expensive hotels in the world, among which is certainly Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

It is not just a tourist accommodation, it is a whole city with 4,000 rooms of different class and size, 10 tennis courts, more than 30 restaurants with different cuisines, 11 swimming pools, a casino and a golf course. If you think that's it, you're wrong. There is a water park and an underwater tunnel where you can admire sharks, stingrays and other sea creatures.

Guests can choose among thousands of different rooms with different decorations and views. The largest has 10 spacious rooms, totaling 900 square meters.

The service here, of course, is also of a high standard. You can count on any services 24 hours a day: from room cleaning or delicatessen preparation to SPA procedures.

The cost of such pleasure starts from $25,000 per night.


3rd place - Four Seasons (New York, USA)

The most expensive hotel in the United States is located right in the center of the world-famous borough of New York - Manhattan. It is a luxurious high-rise with panoramic windows, comfortable rooms and shocking prices.

Guests have unlimited massage service, a restaurant with the most delicious delicacies from renowned chefs, and unlimited champagne and black caviar at their disposal throughout their stay at the Four Seasons.

The largest room is located on the 52nd floor. It consists of 9 rooms and 4 balconies. Interestingly, you can see authentic works of art by famous artists and sculptors.

A night in this hotel costs from $34,000.


2nd Place - Grand Resort Lagonissi (Lagonissi, Greece)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson stayed in this incredible hotel on the shores of the Saronic Gulf. And no wonder, because all conditions for comfortable rest are created here.

On the territory of 29 hectares there are large and comfortable villas, each with its own beach, swimming pool and sauna. Guests round the clock can use the services of a chef who will cook them any dish, even if for the sake of it will have to fly some products. Also for each house is assigned a butler, who is ready to fulfill even the most bizarre wish of tourists. And there are pianists who work practically around the clock.

In addition, there are massage rooms, heated pools, 10 restaurants, fitness club and SPA-center. The price for a night starts at $35,000.


1 place - Grand Hyatt Martinez (Cannes, France)

This hotel can rightly be considered the best in Europe and beyond. It has not so many rooms, but has many interesting features. For example, on the territory of the Grand Hyatt Martinez is placed a large collection of unique paintings, each of which costs thousands of dollars. There are also several restaurants, terraces, jacuzzi, spa and much more, which makes for an incredible vacation.

The most expensive room with an area of 300 square meters is considered the largest penthouse in the EU. It is decorated in art deco style, has a marble bathroom and a terrace overlooking the Croisette.

All hotel guests have 24-hour personal butler service, access to a private beach, massages and tasty meals. And you can also stay here with pets, but you will have to pay extra for them.

Rooms start at $45,000 per night.


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