Ukrainians leave Poland en masse but do not return home: what is happening

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Ukrainian refugees in Germany
Ukrainian refugees in Germany

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have left Poland over the past year. Most of them did not return home but moved to Germany. Refugees choose the country where they are offered higher benefits.

This is stated by OBOZREVATEL. The number of Ukrainians who have received temporary protection status in Germany has soared by 410 thousand people since August last year. 70 thousand people moved to Romania, while 40 thousand moved to Italy. We are not talking about those Ukrainians who went abroad last year. These are refugees migrating within the EU. For example, 350 thousand people left Poland and almost 50 thousand people left the Czech Republic.

There is a mass migration of Ukrainian refugees from Poland to Germany. Ukrainians learn about the more attractive living conditions in Germany from their relatives and friends. It was based on recommendations that 43% of refugees moved, according to a study by the EWL platform and the Center for Eastern European Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Interestingly, Ukrainians are primarily interested in social benefits, not salaries. Thus, 42% of Ukrainians moved to Germany because of higher benefits and only 27% because of higher salaries. 99% of Ukrainian refugees are undergoing an integration course: their children study in local schools, while adults attend free German language courses. Only 31% of refugees have found a job.

On average, refugees in Germany are left with 494 euros after paying all monthly expenses. They can save this money. Almost one in eight (13%) can save more than 1 thousand euros every month. For example, a refugee family consisting of a master, two children aged 5 to 18, and an adult woman (grandmother) can receive a monthly payment of 1700 euros.

Mikhalina Selevych, Director of International Development at EWL Group, notes that if the war and migration trends continue, Ukrainians will be the largest group of foreigners in Germany next year.

"If the war continues and the current migration trends remain at the same level, then Ukrainian citizens may become the largest group of foreigners in Germany in 2024 characterized by high professional activity," Selevych explains.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote about the salaries offered to Ukrainians in Norway. Ukrainians have the right to find a job in one of the richest countries in the world.

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